[Mod] Slabs with terrain colors [A20+]

I haven’t seen this mod on the forum yet, or maybe I have forgotten.

For those lazy people that are tired of goblin camps and removed structures leaving holes on the ground, this mod brings the terrain colors to the slab tool, so you can fill those unsightly trenches.

A19/A20/A21 Download link (If you’re playing with latest A19/A20, use this version)

Latest compatible version: Alpha 21

Change log:

  • Added tooltips for the colors.

  • Tooltips end with “(Terrain)” to differentiate the default colors from those of the mod.

  • Updated so now the colors are also for ground, wall and columns.

  • Now the terrain colors match the materials most found in the different biomes. Colors under wood are from temperate biome, clay ones are from Rayya’s desert, and stone ones are from the arctic biome (which is not implemented yet and subject to change).

  • Stone colors also include some ore colors, just for fun.

I think that I zipped correctly the mod, but if it doesn’t load correctly, tell me and I’ll reupload it.


Relyss is a Genius :smiley:


relyss, you’ve done it again. first you blew my mind with the crusader mod, and now this simple, yet terrific “grass” slabs mod!

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Ty much! Nice work :slight_smile:

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I agree with that!!!


I’ve been complaining about this to myself for a long time now.



Is this still working?

I’d guess that it would still work through a minor patch. The building system hasn’t been changed at all.

Yes, it’s still working without having to change anything. I’ve just tested it on 2521.


Not compatible with develop 2603


:cold_sweat: That makes me sad…

I’ll try to fix it tomorrow. Still haven’t downloaded Alpha 12, I was waiting for the fixes for the crashes, and busy reading the forum.

Thanks for telling me! I didn’t expect it to break so badly :disappointed_relieved:


Yep saw that too with my custom colors for the lakeside city!

Good news: it was an easy fix.
Bad news: Alpha 12 is eating my CPU with the pathfinder - right at the start, after placing the banner. I don’t want to burn my laptop, it already has more than 6 years.

To sum up: I need to update the mod because colors have changed with the terrain generation update. I’ll try to do it quickly and upload it asap, but won’t do much testing due to CPU.

I’m sad. Now that I finally got to fix the AI for a certain mod… I was so close, so close…

Maybe I can try developing my mods on A11 and then quick patch for Alpha 12 and do smoke tests. Sigh…


shoot… well hopefully the CPU usage and such gets fixed before the A 12 stable build…

in the mean time, if you want i could help you with the testing of your mods for A 12


Thanks, @8BitCrab. I’ll take that into account.

Ok, it’s fixed! I updated the link in the OP.

I hope it’s not too much spoiler that I added the colors for the other biome examples, even if we are currently playing only on the temperate :disappointed_relieved:

(The color list has become so huge that it shows a scrollbar… Sorry for that, it might make the patterns be hidden, since they appear at the end of the list…)


Well, after some time, this needs an update due to Mods version 2.
In this update, I’ll add the colors according to the different biomes, and not only for slabs but for walls and columns too.

But the mod is currently broken.
@sdee, I’m doing the same mixinto as before, however, this time I’m adding colors to the 3 materials (wood, stone and clay bricks). Even if the JSON looks fine compared to the original file, the UI gets broken, and I don’t know why.

Adding colors to the 3 makes that I can only see the first material that it’s shown (wood for Ascendancy, clay bricks for Rayya’s). It doesn’t let me switch materials on the building UI.

I’ve updated the link in the OP with the broken mod, maybe someone can tell me why this happens. (I’m impressed that the previous link got 111 downloads :sweat_smile: ).


It would seem that the building designer doesn’t like it when there are duplicate colors (even if the color is on a different resource type).

Once I removed all the duplicate colors found among the stones and clay, I could switch between them. I did the change only for slabs, but the same bug were showing for the walls as well so the same solution would have to be applied to them as well.


Is that so?
Hmm… That’s bad, it’s somewhat restrictive… :disappointed_relieved:

Thanks for taking a look. I’ll update the fixed version now :smiley:


Yeah it is. I understand that there can’t be duplicate colors within the same resource, but to have the same restriction among the different resources seems a bit… silly. Is this possibly a bug in the system, @sdee?

Happy to help! :slightly_smiling:


I am not entirely sure why the building designer takes colors the way it does; adding @ponder!