Roads with Depth [Road Templates]

Make your town look alive! Give your roads some depth.
Plop down roads with ease while you plan your town.

fixed dirt road 4 way intersection*

5 blocks wide Road Templates:

Dirt Road Template Images

Stone Road Template Images

stone road int 2

B Clay Road Template Images

b clay road int 4b clay road int 3

Planning to add:

  • Red Clay Roads
  • Tan Clay Roads
  • Sandy Clay Roads
  • Tan Stone Roads
  • Red Stone Roads
  • Smaller Intersections for building to main road for each variant
  • Maybe 1 other variant that has more subtle transitions so it looks good even when close up. Likely it will be a different pattern than this.

Awesome @genboom, thank you for sharing them! :sunny:


your welcome :slight_smile:
I hope eventually the game will apply variations to your road automatically in a few different ways that actually make sense beyond aesthetics.

I already noticed I messed up the 4 way intersection with the dirt roads.
I have just updated it.

What I am more worried about is if I have a template where more than 1 edger are on the same square. That would make the roads unnecessarily expensive and time consuming to build.

I do not think I made that mistake but please do let me know if I missed something and I will update it, thanks!

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Love the templates.

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One problem with this is you guys have no idea what colors are used in making the roads and so I had to put a lip on the end of the straight ones so that you can get the color right and extend it as you need it. Really wish the game highlighted the colors that are currently in use on a template…:thinking:

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yeah I agree…possibly a mod potential like a shift and hover. Maybe one of the fine modding coders can whip something up.

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Hi! Those templates look awesome. Can you please tell me if I should put them directly into the mods folder as .json-files or if they should be put es .zip? Thanks!

they should be extracted to:
I recommend winrar

wondering if there is an easy way to convert these .json to be updated for the new roads?
roads seem to have a completely different format for the new builder…

any help appreciated!

its probably less work to just remake them in the new builder I guess.
maybe I’ll make a guide of how to get this same look by following a few simple rules instead of uploading templates that way you aren’t limited by colors

easy picture guide:


  1. How wide do you want the road to be?
  2. Pick the lightest and darkest colors you would like for the road.
  3. Pick a few transition colors between those two light and dark colors.
  4. Create a ruleset for how you want those colors to be painted so that the transition between colors looks correct. Mainly you need to focus on what colors you want painted directly next to another color, and colors that bleed into diagonal squares. You can also add a bit of randomness to the roads using the same method to get potholes or grass tufts. Or you can use the patterns to make the road look like it is interacting with the things on top of and around it, to make it look more used near buildings, darker and more wet near water, and more grassy near a forest, etc. This may require a bit of fiddling and color hunting until you get the look you want.
  5. Pick a starting location for the darkest color and put it in the center of the road to give it a worn down or wet road look. Do the opposite to make it look shiny, new and curved upwards.
  6. Add a random end piece to your road so that it can vanish into the surrounding landscape.

    can do this with more or less colors with different lengths of color variation and color contrast to have one color stand out more or less to get the look you want