Cattect: The Building Expansion


A suite of smaller mods to replace my outdated, overly large Building Colors mod.

Cattect: Extended Colours:

  • Rearranges the colors in the builder to be ordered based on Hue
  • Adds to extend all sets to contain 5 colours (as opposed to some having only 1-3). Some of these are median colours between existing ones, others are darker/lighter extensions.

For an idea of how they look:


In game:

Clay Bricks:



Download: catended.smod (4.1 KB)

Steam Workshop

Cattect: Terrain Expansion

  • Adds Clay as a building material (as opposed to Clay Bricks)
  • Adds Terrain colours from the various biomes, both the base game as well as the various modded biomes

Download: (Coming Soon!)

Cattect: Wood Expansion

  • Return of the Stained and Painted wood colours
  • Addition of new Specific wood colours (Juniper, Acacia, etc)

Individual Versions:

Painted Wood Set


catpaint.smod (3.0 KB)

Steam Workshop

Stained Wood Set


catstained.smod (3.1 KB)

Steam Workshop

Specific Woods Set


Top Row: Acacia, Cactus, Juniper
Bottom Row: Oak, Palm, Pine

catwood.smod (2.4 KB)

Steam Workshop

Combined Version:
cattriwood.smod (4.8 KB)

Steam Workshop

Cattect: Brick Expansion

  • Return of the Glazed and Terra Cotta clay brick colours
  • Addition of new Earthen clay brick colours

Individual Versions:

Glazed Clay Bricks Set


catglazedbricks.smod (3.2 KB)

Steam Workshop

Terra Cotta Clay Bricks Set


cattectterracottabricks.smod (2.9 KB)

Steam Workshop

Earthen Clay Bricks Set


cattectearthenbricks.smod (3.3 KB)

Steam Workshop

Combined Version: catclaybricks.smod (5.3 KB)

Steam Workshop

More Images


Cattect: Stone Expansion

  • Return of the Dyed and Polished stone colours
  • Addition of new Precious stone colours

Individual Versions:

Dyed Stones Set


catdyedrock.smod (3.2 KB)

Steam Workshop

Polished Stones Set


cattectpolishrock.smod (2.7 KB)

Steam Workshop

Precious Stones Set


cattectprettyrocks.smod (3.0 KB)

Steam Workshop

Combined Version:
catrocks.smod (5.0 KB)

Steam Workshop

More Images



Cattect: Spooky Colours

  • @Averest sent me an indirect request for spooky colours after Candledark III released, so here they are!

Steam Workshop

Direct Download: catoweencolor.smod (233.6 KB)

Cattect: Naturals Expansion

  • A mystery for now! :wink:

Download: (Coming Soon!)

Cattect: Chaos Expansion

  • A mystery for now! :wink:

Download: (Coming Soon!)

All downloads will also be available on the Steam Workshop in addition to being provided here for those who don’t use Steam.


Fine idea kitty, I’ll keep an eye on this :slight_smile:


Can’t wait for more colors! Great job!!!


Terrain Expansion question:

Should mod terrain colours only be available if you have that biome mod installed?
Or should they all be included, to have those colours as options even if you don’t use those particular biomes?

  • Need to have the mods to get modded biome colours
  • Give us ALL the colours, Kitty!
  • Duh: Make two versions. “All Mod Biomes” and “Enabled Mod Biomes”

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Modded biome required version (so the ui isn’t cluttered unless your mods are cluttered :’)


Okay, considering the feedback has been pretty evenly split, I am going to make two versions - one where you have all the mod biome colours unlocked and available, another where you need to have the actual mods (I think I know how to do that, courtesy of prodding through other mods).

I’ll admit that part of my reason for being “ehh” about the latter option, was for some of the fairly unique colors from modded biomes… that aren’t up to date / available on Steam. Which brought me to the mind of “So are those just stuck locked away? Poor pretty things :frowning: I could make you available elsewhere! But your colours don’t really fit any of the other sets that well…”

But I can also see the reasoning to people who don’t want to have ALL of those colours, especially those who only use it for replicating the terrain - there are a pretty hearty number of them even after grouping up same colours (which I’m also currently having some mixed thoughts on how to go about, because some line up… weirdly).


Ideally, I think there would be a check button on the settings menu where I just choose “unlock colors for all biome mods” or like a list where I tick the biome mods that should have their colors unlocked :smiley:

That way you literally make everyone happy in the same mod :3
But I’m unsure if you’d be willing to work that out - just leaving the suggestion nonetheless :blush:


I don’t know how to do something of the sort, @DaniAngione
(Remember… approaching 0 programming skills)


@paulthegreat is implementing a very neat and awesomely done settings menu layout that separates the settings per mod for ACE :3

It looks and works awesomely and I’m sure he would be happy to help others use his system :jubilant:

Just saying :merry:


Integrating the settings into the UI and then being able to access them in-game is pretty straightforward with my system: you can just mixinto a JSON that I have set up, and it will handle the rest. Then you can access the settings as you normally would in JS/Lua ('radiant:get_config', ...)), or using the stonehearth.client_state service in Lua for accessing client-specific settings in a multiplayer game. However, I don’t know how your mod works at all, so I don’t know how well those sorts of config settings would work for you and how much you’d have to do to fit it in, especially if you’re not doing any coding.


I affect exactly one file, the building brushes.
For the terrain mod, I’m adding a clay resource instead of changing or adding to the stone/wood/clay brick ones.

What I was contemplating for Mod-Required version, would be that I’d make separate versions of that file with the applicable hex codes, and have it have its own manifest that would mixinto the mod’s manifest. So it would only be added if the mod was present.


If you’re doing it through mixing into a manifest, Bruno (or maybe Dani or others) would know a lot more about how to do that dynamically. I haven’t looked into it at all, but I think you’d need to have it dynamic in some way for a config setting like this to work (even if it required a game restart for the setting to take effect, it still has to somehow be checking that setting on game load to determine what it should be loading/mixing in). And checking the setting would have to be done either in JS or Lua.


You could have a hotloaded manifest that is only called if the setting is checked; and that manifest would have the mixinto for all the colors (+ probably overrides to “erase” (make blank) the mixintos that are applied should you have the mod, otherwise you’d get doubled colors)

The setting would have to specify it requires a game restart though, since hotloading manifests can only be done before the world is generated

(that’s all speculation, dunno if it would work :stuck_out_tongue: )


@paulthegreat - I honestly don’t know how I’m doing it yet, that was just the methodology I saw in other mods and so was a guess at how to go about it :sweat_smile:

@DaniAngione - I have no idea what you mean by “hotloaded” manifest…

I appreciate the sentiments, but the entire thing sounds super beyond me…I really don’t have that good of a grasp of what I’m doing without making it more… complicated.


A hotloaded manifest is just like a normal manifest: but only loaded when conditions are met.
For example, my nordlingmod has one, its used to load up the custom UI work. (so you only get it when playing my nordlings)


I don’t recommend hotloading for adding building colors. I tried to do that for Candyland in the past and it’s broken (the game can load the mixinto, but when you use the builder it complains about the color - the hex value mentioned in the error is in a different order). Hotloading has many issues at the moment, and I’m not sure if they’re gonna get fixed for 1.1.

I wonder if there’s a different way of doing that.


The other option is that I make separate mods of the color sets, with a “Collection” version that has the combined sets.

It’s what I’m currently playing with for the woods.

That way, people can just download whatever combination of color options they like.



Wood Expansion now complete!

  • A few colours have changed ever so slightly from Building Colours mod, primarily among the Painted colours - noticed a few where I clearly made a mistake when changing saturation levels compared to the Stained colours
  • Specific Woods include Acacia, Cactus, Juniper, Oak, Palm, and Pine. If you have any suggestions/requests for more, please feel free to drop me a message, ideally with a source/reference!
  • Comes with the option of a Combined version that contains all three sets, or you can download any/all of the sets individually.

Downloads in main post under Woods Expansion; links to the Steam version being added shortly.



For some reason those buildings are reminding me of some of the old point-and-click adventure games. Not sure why, but I like it.


Main post updated for the addition of the Spooky Colours module.