More Building Colours / Old Building Colours [request]

I remember that, in a previous version of Stonehearth, there were colours available in the custom building menu, that are no longer available [I seem to remember a gold / yellow stone option, among others]. Is there any way to regain these from old files, or re-create them myself without having to learn a massive amount of LUA scripting, or Qubicle model making?

(I wasn’t sure if this belonged in Modding or Suggestions, so I guessed)

Hey :slightly_smiling: there is a mod that adds more colours to the buildmenu I don’t know if the colour you mean is added too. I will just link it here for you.


@AcheronTyrannus, you might have the old version of the mod still installed, I’d suggest to remove it and place the new one.
Recently they changed the required versions for mods, so people might have mods in their mods folder which aren’t being loaded anymore.


I don’t think it was a mod that gave the colors I am thinking of, as I have only recently started using them… This could be from a very early Alpha, though. Wouldn’t be able to tell you, because my memory tends to be… well, crap.

Thank you for showing me this. Among others, which I will no doubt find useful while making my Shrines of the Ancients FF, it definitely has the “Gold Stone” that I was looking for.

Thanks to both of you :slightly_smiling:


I’m happy I could help and I will follow your FF the beginning sounds promising :slight_smile:

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