New Building-Editor Pattern Suggestion

if you know Homeworld or the first Dawn of war game, you may know what I want to suggest.

The current building editor has many single colour patterns but only a few multicolour pattern with a very limited colour set.

My suggestion is that there are only pattern and you can choose the colours(colour set) you want to use in those pattern.
You know the left side and my idea is to change this current system an make

the wooden wall pattern changeable to build a wall with the same pattern but maybe in blue and red.
or the road

from the light brown coulors to gray

This would give us unlimited freedom to build the stuff like we want it to be build.

I do not know is this is even possible but I wanted to suggest it while you are working on the new Building System.


Nice idea. I would like this for sure.


Stonehearth uses color maps for a lot of entities such as the varanus, skin, water and obviously the terrain which are then used to assign colors based on the material maps: skin_white, green, brown1, brown2 etc. So that part of the code already exists.

Also don’t forget the possibility of adding more styles such as horizontal (already present) and vertical lines.

I suppose a more moddable building brush code would be possible. No idea if the team has time though it would be an amazing quality of life upgrade.

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Would be nice, who was it again that was rebuilding the building system?

Awesome idea, The devs should really put this in the new building editor

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We’re pretty open to lots of different types of customization options for the new builder. We aren’t at the point yet where we are taking a look at customization however but when we do I’ll keep this in mind :smile: