Patterns When Building

Can we have it so we can choose any color of wood or stone and select a pattern. Rather than being forced to use just a plain wood color. It sounds sort of something out of the Sims but it would be a nice touch when building something to choose the stone pattern and use different shades and vice versa with the wood.

What do you guys think?


Hey there @Feashrind, unless I misunderstand you, doesn’t this feature already exist?

Those appear to be patterns to me?

Maybe I’m not using my words wisely take for instance this pattern. It only gives you two colors and you can not change those, what I’m suggesting is being able to swap out the colors being used to something else. For walls, paths, floors, etc instead of hand making the pattern by placing voxel by voxel.


Got it, that makes it clearer. I am not sure if there will be an option to “pick any color,” but let me ask the developers about getting more options.

Paging @yshan and @Tom, any thoughts on this?


It would save so much time if there was a way to save your own custom patterns, but I’m not sure what all would go into that.