Customise/Randomise building material pattern

Hi there!
I haven’t been on in a while but I had a sudden craving for some Stonehearth.

My problem:

Whenever I play I always try custom building great stone walls or wooden palisades to encompass my hearthdom and I was almost always dissatisfied with how my walls looked. Usually destroying the game file because somehow it was the hearthlings fault and they didn’t deserve to exist if they couldn’t please me.
I came to realise that my walls always looked so plain and I don’t like the repeating patterns currently available, at least not for anything except house walls. I realised that I have to go through a lot more effort if I want to give them a random pattern that makes it look more authentic, like it was carved stone by stone and built brick by brick. However; I’m incredibly lazy and I still destroyed my hearthlings after I got bored.

My solution:

A random palette mode where a player can select multiple colours (Of the same material), and the game randomises whatever is placed down. E.g. I build an 8 square length of wood blocks after choosing 3 colours and the wall is a mixure of these 3 colours.

Extended options/features to help randomise patterns could include:

  • Choosing how large a space the random colours can take up per build so it isn’t completely random brick by brick. E.g. 2 or more bricks before another colour is randomly selected, or a 2x2 or more of floor.
  • A shortcut to re-randomise your last placement if a player still isnt satisfied with the pattern.

Another idea after writing this down

The ability to create your own patterns for walls and floors.
E.g. A 4x4 up to 16x16(complete freedom to choose 7x16 if they want) templates that can be saved for floors and walls for use later.

I just want my Hearthdom to look pretty, so I don’t have to keep sacrificing my Hearthlings to start over again.
Save the Hearthlings, provide creative tools


The game needs lots & lots more textures for all the building materials – including grass.

On the topic of more textures, I’m satisfied with what they have, I just want to be able to leverage what’s on offer more easily.
Perhaps they could introduce a carver class or dye-maker/painter that can add detail or change the colour of material.
Also, I’m pretty sure I read somewhere that they’re thinking about how to let players plant grass and move dirt, so that might be a thing that’s on its way.