Idea about building designer

Hey there, i just had a (maybe) good idea about building templates,

wouldnt it be cool if you could design your buildings in an extra application ? so you could design the house you want and later place it ingame.

Like in other games there are map editors e.g. i would like to have an template editor for stonehearth. i think it would make designing buildings more awesome :wink: tell me what you think about this idea :slight_smile: i would like to hear your opinion

Greetings Jonny :slight_smile:


You can always open a new game, press pause, build a template, save it and then use it everywhere else. That’s almost like a building designer, right?

I do get what he’s saying. As it is, you can’t design a building you can’t build yet. Like with decorations that you haven’t made, or a similar issue. It might be nice to be able to think all that out ahead of time.


also with speedbuilding test would be nice, to see if hearthling “accept” the design and are able to build it.


If you like, you can try using the debug tools for this. Pause the game, use the debug tools to spawn all the furniture you want/need in a world, and then build whatever template you want. You can even use debugtools to give yourself more hearthlings. You can increase gamespeed in user settings to see if they build correctly.

Find debugtools here:


Hi there, thanks i could go with that, but how do i get a small world like you are using in dev streams?

i dont need a whole world to create some buildings, kinda performance thingy

thanks in advance

Download Microworld and place in your mods directory.

You’ll have to remove -master from the folder name… it’s a git thing.

Then add the following text to your user_settings.json:

"game" : {
  "main_mod" : "microworld"
"mods" : {
  "microworld" : {
	"world" : "mini_game"

Alternatively add “–” to your set launch options in Steam


thanks man, but i only get a black screen :frowning:

This seem quite difficult to implement but it sounds awesome. Cool idea :smile: