Template mode (not creative mode)

This has probably been suggested before as freebuild or creative but I think it would be handy if there was a main menu option for “template mode”.

In template mode you cannot do quests, you do not get attacked and it is just a flat surface to build on with a bunch of hearthlings and never ending resources.
The idea being that you design your template and simulate the building process to ensure that the template can in fact be built by the AI.
The hearthlings would build said buildings at the rate of a tier 3 town this would allow players to design templates outside of single player and multiplayer and also ensure the templates do in fact work.

I am not talking a true creative mode more of a simulated building mode.

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I like this idea!
I always used to have an “Easy Mode” save just to create and test my templates; it’s really handy if you enjoy planning ahead.

and with hunger/sleep/needs etc toggled off for the duration, so you dont need to infrastructure to support hearthlings. (its a fun idea, but you are better off making it as a mod, dont expect new features anymore, just buxfixes)

I’m not expecting new features but I feel like this would go a long way for the quality of the game, I can’t count the number of times I’ve drafted a building with no flags that it won’t work then my heathlings just give up, no matter what I do they will not start building again.
Maybe some nice modder might see this and make something.

have you shown those buildings to the devs any time recently? because that does sound like a big ( i for one havent managed to design anything the game wont builld in like half a year, so i wonder what you design XD )

Unfortunately I reinstalled and lost all my templates because I did a dumb and didnt back them up, thats what made me think, “Geez it would be nice if there was a template mode.”

Next time I break something I will screenshot it for you.

Just found this thing, will be checking it out.

Hopefully it works well.