Building design mode

I love the ability to template buildings, but what I would really like is a mode where I can just do my building design without having to worry about finding land the right size, or if I got my floor in just the right spot before I grow my walls. Or worry about if I even have a specific window or chair in my inventory before I’m allowed to place it. I’d really like just a flat plane I can endlessly mess around in with access to every single placeable item in the game freely and infinitely at my fingertips so that I can make my cute little cottage template, and then make five or six variations on that with different furniture sets and decorations and little fenced gardens. Once I’m finally happy with them I could access them from any game and slap them down. If I’m calling for a thing I don’t have built yet, that’s on me and I have to make it.


I like this idea very much! I’ve been hoping for the same thing. I have a world for just this purpose. Had crafters build at least one of everything, all the hearthlings just sleep on beds near the fire, and the only one that does anything all day is the farmer. But it would be very nice to have all of that work predone for us in a mode like the superflat world generation in minecraft and creative mode.

Here’s to hoping!

On a very similar topic, I wish there was a mode similar to minecraft’s creative mode, where you can build without having to worry about resources or hunger or anything (although this probably a totally different topic :confused:).


You and me both, I think we are on the same wavelength.

I would love to see a creative mode were you could spawn items and build a town or city of your choice without having to worry about resourses


Or even where adding a specific item to the building template then added it to your crafter’s queues.

I love the idea of a template maker (so to say), but at the same time, feel template sharing should be pushed a little more between players first. If you make 30 villa templates what’s the point when you can’t share it?

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YES! Having everything craft-able in the building menus regardless of whether its in your stockpile or not is a great idea. Having any items you place automatically generated in a crafters crafting menu is a stupendous idea! What if you place, for instance, stone furniture in a build template but don’t yet have a mason to craft it? There would be no menu available to queue the stone furniture in to.

Love the idea. I also think sharing building templates, on this site for example, would be cool

you can share templates if you go to

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Stonehearth\saved_objects\stonehearth\building_templates

all the templates are there that you have saved you then upload them and share the download link :smile:

Great! My idea was that there would be a Category where users shared their templates ON this site

well, eventually will have a place for people to upload and share their templates. until then, feel free to share/upload them in the gameplay category here on the discourse.

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is there a sticky Building Template Repository in the Gameplay category @8BitCrab …?

if i understood correctly, no, in gameplay there is not a sub-category for templates, but you could always just add the [template] tag to the front of the title.