A "Blueprint-Maker" mode

I don’t know if this or something similar is already planned or has already been posted here, but here goes.

One of the biggest gripes I’ve had since I started playing Stonehearth (Alpha 4 I think) is the way that we currently create custom buildings. I tend to play on the harder difficulty, and there are simply too many things to focus on to sit there meticulously designing each building, and I hate just cookie-cutter-ing my entire town as it feels like I’m missing out on one of the best features in the game.

Of course, I could simply build up custom templates over time, but I think Stonehearth would really benefit from a completely separate “Blueprint” mode, where you can design custom building templates from the ground-up in a 3-D space.

I imagine it would work very similarly like what we have now, but instead we would have our building floating in a void where we can freely rotate and manipulate it. You would have a list of materials and designs in a side bar accompanied by things like furniture as well. I think ideally, you would start with a “base block” and custom-build the template block-by-block, but I don’t know if the AI relies on knowing what is what as far as floors and walls and roofs go, so this might not be feasible (unless you could designate groups of blocks floors/etc?).

I’ve spoken with a few friends who play the game, and they agree that this would definitely enhance their gameplay experience, as they would be able to focus more on the game, especially early on. Of course, the in-game custom builder will always be necessary to see how things look with their surroundings in real time, or just for on-the-fly building as well.

In the future, Steam Workshop functionality could even be added so that people can share their creations and download those of others.

Thoughts? Ideas? I’d really like to see this sort of thing implemented :slight_smile:


This has been mentioned before, but this is far the most thought-out post I’ve seen for it. I didn’t see the point with some of them (seemed to just be peaceful mode + everything unlocked) but I think I’m sold now.

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I wouldn’t mind a mode on the main menu for building templates.

Unsure about it being in the void though, as I would have it on maybe some form of ground like their mini-world they use for testing. Having full camera to see all angles would be good, but not required for what I build. Tendency to build from the bottom up a floor at a time starting with the foundation.

Like the other person mentions, I do believe this topic has been discussed before a few times; as well having a creative mode to which build to hearts content.

Right now I just use peaceful map to build and design many of the buildings, or build on the fly. When I do design I just pause the game anyway. :slight_smile:


I love love LOVE this idea. It’s pretty crushing to finish something and see that you missed a window on the other side where the view was blocked by a tree… and then later you cut down the tree and you can’t edit the building -_-

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This is actually what I’m suggesting, I neglected to specify though in the OP, a separate “Designer” mode accesible from the menu.

What I meant by “Void” is simply that it is in an empty space, that way you can see the building from all sides, although a ground option might be good, perhaps even with different backdrops.


I tried creating buildings with my main team and I had no problems choosing windows and doors to accommodate the type of building I wanted to make. But, when I tried to start a custom building in a peaceful world at level 1 the editor wouldn’t even let me choose a door or a window. I am not sure if this is a bug or just the fact that I don’t have a carpenter yet so those objects are not available to me.

Anyway, it WOULD be nice to be able to edit and save blueprints of buildings ahead of time so that based on your team and situation you could the design you needed at the time.

For example, I may want to build a simple level 1 floorplan for a carpenter that is just starting with basic doors and windows or I may want to build an extravagant level 6 house and work area for my level 6 carpenter with all Fine features.

Thank you for your time.