Future Idea for building

I would assume that it would take lots of time to make, but in the future I think many people would enjoy a building mode. Everything would be free to use, it would require no gathering. I hope to see some discussion on this topic.

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This idea has been discussed quite a bit in the past, kind of like minecrafts creative mode. I personally don’t feel its needed for stonehearth, but on the other hand it would be nice to test things out and build towns without worrying about resources. Not a bad suggestion in my opinion though :slight_smile:


I can imaging the idea, but i think the current building system where you can create blueprints is close enough. You only need stuff when you start to build. I agree that it would be nice if you could use every single item in the game without the need to have the crafters and stuff like you need a craftman before you can place doors and windows in your template.

With stuff like fences that doesn’t appear in the building menu, you have to have the items crafted and in inventory so you can use them in the regular place item menu to get them into blueprints. I believe it’s the same with windows and doors if you want to place them somewhere the normal tool won’t let you (in slab walls or as other decoration, for example).

That’s probably one of the most annoying little things in Stonehearth for me.

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I think this is redundant with blueprints. Just go into one of your advanced saves, create a build there, save, and place it on your new world. I do something similar in Minecraft, where I have a world just for creative mode, where I test things, and when satisfied, I replicate in the survival world.

But here, it doesn’t really make sense. If you are going to build something, just to then have its blueprint so you can place it in your world, why not just build it from the begin in your world? Why go into a different mode (or even a different software as proposed before), just to make something you can already do in any world?

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I think I would rather see a blueprint builder added to the main menu. That way I could make a few blueprints in a style I want and form collections to place in the world, with out having to deal with gathering resources. Kind of like a blueprint test chamber to ensure it will build.

That would be the only thing I like to have where unlimited resources is concerned. Otherwise just a simple blueprint builder mode to design outside of loading a save game.

Creative mode hardly interests me, as that is what I use peaceful for; even if you still have to gather resources, which is something I enjoy doing. So far that is the only way I can design buildings on the go.