Group buildings

I think it would be nice to have the abilitys to group buildings, in the building menue.

Eg: All base building in one category, then add another one for Fortress-Walls, Towers, …


Do you mean the material selection thing? For selecting the floor/walls/windows/roof and things like that?

I mean in the list with the Complete Buildings/Templates.

Basicali loking like a expandable file-tree on most OS (Eg, Windows Fileexplorer sidebar, KDE-Dolphin etc…)

Altough Filtering out Buildings by Matereal could also be intereesting, especcaly for matereals we dont have yet.

The building template menu would be cool with categorizes. :smiley:
And a way to take screen shots for your templates and a way to delete templates…

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well, this “blueprint library” idea has been discussed a bit on the discourse, i cant seem to find one of the newer threads though :disappointed_relieved:

There’s a few threads on it:

Probably some others I’ve missed too :stuck_out_tongue: .

those definitely are some, but they are kinda old, and i know there are newer ones somewhere :confused:

Saving blueprints already works somehow. (After finishing edit press save, it still seems a little tedeous)

What i was interestet in is adding Sorting/Grouping ability to the saved blueprints.
EG: Design a view wall tiles which fit togeter and group them under walls.

Yeah, I think that’s just one of the things that’ll be added… eventually. On a stream not too long ago Tony mentioned that the building editor would likely be continually improved between now and the game’s (non-EA) release.