Custom Building Library and Sorting?

One of my favorite things about Stonehearth is building, Even after playing only a couple weeks of Stonehearth it’s somewhat of an annoyance to have to scroll through little tiny blue prints. It would be helpful if you could make folders, dividers or categorize your buildings into groups. For example; I could make a “Starting buildings” category or folder that only has the small buildings I created and put into the folder. It would just be nice to see that in a game that has a lot about building.


That’s actually is a good idea

Correct me if I’m wrong but couldn’t you just add a folder in the save builds file and move your save builds there?

You could but have a graphical interface would be extremely helpful and a I would think an almost neccessary for a building game of this caliber. In my opinion at least :smiley:

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I agree we need some sorting. Right now my template list looks like this:

Hey there,

 I rarely comment on forum pages, and even more rarely say this, but that's a very good idea. As another example of what you said, you could have one 'folder' for castle-style buildings and walls, another group for farming buildings, and one more for just regular housing; etc., etc.

Thanks for sharing your idea!