Old building files

So I’m coming back to StoneHearth after a few months break, and thanks to Steam, I have the latest version. Back in the earlier days however, I had downloaded some buildings, which do not show up when I open up the build menu. A wild guess, I’m going to assume the game isn’t showing those because the file format might have changed since then? Any way for me to determine that and/or make them show up ingame?


I started playing last year and so far nothing changed from what I remember. I guess you just lost your files.

To check, go into your game folder and then to \saved_objects\stonehearth\building_templates
That is the place where all your custom templates go. (the default templates are now stored elsewhere)

Also note there are tabs for building templates to place. One is for custom, and that will be the one they should show up in; assuming you are talking about templates that were before the tabs were implemented. Figured I would point that out just in case to add on to what was said above. :slight_smile:

Thanks guys!! I totally missed the tabs at the bottom…

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