How do you load premade custom buildings?

I looked up how to do it and i thought that you had to put the files in this location:
Upon loading the game the tab for custom templates it was empty. Even my own creations i have made do not appear there but do appear in the folder.

If anyone could help me itd be greatly appreatiated. :slight_smile:

If you remove the premade build that you added, your older builds works again? If yes, then this new added build has some bug in it.

In that folder, are the custom templates listed as a .json file and a .png file? Or is each custom template in it’s folder? (They shouldn’t have their own folders)

If you could send a screenshot of the building_template folder contents or the building template file itself I can look into it further

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@BrunoSupremo my older builds didnt work after i saved them


Can you try deleting the apartment template? That one is 0 bytes so it must’ve had an issue saving. Also, can you send your stonehearth.log file from a game where you tried to load up the templates and they didn’t load?

ive deleted the apartment but i cant find the .log file
its not this by any chance?
stonehearth.log (177.7 KB)

oh it is ok

I GOT IT! deleting the broken file worked! thanks a lot for your help :smile: image|690x388

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(i broke the image)