Building Templates Not Showing in Game

Hey guys I just found this site today and am trying to get some building templates from into Stonehearth Steam Alpha v17. I tried adding a few buildings templates (json files to Hearthstone>data>saved_objects>building_templates) but am not having any luck with the templates showing up in game with the default ones. Whats very strange is the default building templates are in the Building_template folder and look exactly like the non working mods. Any advice is appreciated.

First of all, are you dragging the json files and the .png that comes with it? Also if your looking for it ingame, there should be two tabs, one should have the default buildings in it, the other the custom.

Personally I don’t have a “data” folder in my Stonehearth files, I just go into stonehearth>saved_objects…

I hope any of this will help!

Yes I am dragging them and both JSON and PNG. Checking both tabs in game and nothing shows up This is what I’m getting when I try to download to Building template folder

I can see that you’ve gone into mods, from steam apps then common, head into stonehearth and there should be a saved objects folder there? The part your putting them into is the games files itself, instead of your saved objects

Hey Gloom, first off thanks for your help man it’s appreciated. What is strange is my Stonehearth folder only has 3 sub folders named locales/mods/x64). Also that screenshot I posted has building_templates which when entered contains the default building templates (cottage for two and dining for example). When I get to Hearthstone.smods I have to use an archive app like 7-zip to progress further. What’s frustrating me is it’s going to be something stupid simple that I am doing wrong.

Maybe you need to go into mods, then stonehearth, then is there a saved objects in there? If there is that is probably where it needs to go, instead of putting it in data (core game files)

On this newer versions there isn’t a saved_objects anymore. Cause they moved all templates inside the stonehearth mod.

That folder will only appear (be created) after you made a custom design in-game. At that moment the game creates the folder and puts your design in it.

You can’t simple drop the files together with the default ones cause you will also need to edit the index there to enable them.

For now, what you can do is manually create the folder path saved_objects\stonehearth\building_templates and then add the templates there.

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That worked splendidly Bruno, thank you sir. Thanks to you both on the assistance.