How to I put a template into my game?!

Hey guys,

I haven’t been playing Stonehearth for long, but I sure love this game!

I’m playing within the latest version, (Which I’m pretty sure is 737??? or v17??? I have no idea.)

But I was trying to download a template from
But I’m not having any luck with other peoples explanation… Is anyone able to explain it as simple aas possible…? I’m terible with computers and folders, etc!!!

Thanks guys! :smiley:
(Also not sue if this is the ight category,so bare with me!

Hey, @Kellely!

I’ve never downloaded a template myself, but my guess would be that you are to place the templates within your building_templates-folder.
For steam versions of Stonehearth, you locate this folder at: Steam\steamapps\common\Stonehearth\saved_objects\stonehearth\building_templates

Your Steam-folder will be located on one of your drives; it depends on where you’ve chosen to install it.
Typically, a lot of people will install Steam at C:\Program

I don’t know if it makes a difference, but personally I’d restart Stonehearth after downloading a template.
I hope this will help you in some way!

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Another important thing, is that when you download them, they end up in a folder of their own. You have to take them out of that folder and paste them into the folder Hamnisu mentioned above :slight_smile:


Hey @Hamnisu

When I followed what you told me to do I don’t actually have the “Building templates” folder. I looked around as well, but I don’t have it. Any other suggestions?

As well, as another update just came out, A22 and A22.5, I’m assuming this is the update my game is up too???

Thanks guys,
Kellely. :smile: :smile:

When I downloaded the template itself, I downloaded it into my “Documents” folder, and it was just a “.json” file??? nothing more.

What do you mean?

Kellely. :slight_smile:

I have actually got my STEAM files and everything to do with Steam installed onto my hard drive.

Not sure if this has messed anything up??


Create and save a template in the game. It will create that folder for you.


Bruno holds the answer - in order for the folder to exist, you will have to create and save a template yourself.

I’m sorry I forgot to mention this step.
So, what you need to do in order to create the folder:

  1. Start Stonehearth
  2. Select [New Game] or [Load Game].
  3. When the game has started, Select the “Build and Design”-tab (The house)
  4. Select “Building Designer”-tab (Blueprint icon) and create a simple construction
  5. Click [Finished Editing] -> [Save] -> Enter a name, and click the [green button]
  6. Shut down Stonehearth

Now it should be possible to follow the steps mentioned in earlier posts :slight_smile: