Sharing building blueprints?

I love building games, I really do, but I have this little problem. I’m not that good at building. With games like Minecraft, Towns or the ol’ Dwarf Fortress I can do the basic stuff, but looking at creations people make around then net I’m always in awe how much better their buildings are than mine.

Since Stoneheart seem to be using some kind of predesign building system,which you can then modify to suit your needs, would it be possible to save (or design in some kind of editor) and SHARE that design with other gamers?

So if I see somebody made an awesome castle, I can just download the blueprint and place it in my city?


if i understand correctly, it really sounds like you are just describing the mod system they envision for the game… sharing player creations, to include virtually anything the devs can add to the game… :slight_smile: