Houses and Blueprints

Will I be able to copy my buildings during the game ( I’m not talented, so I don’t have time to create the same super-sized, super-useless house/cathedral/ whatever again and again)? Will I be able to create blueprints that I can use in all of my saves or share it with the community.
I think a question like this was asked before but I just ask again. :smile:

i knew i had seen something similar before… but unfortunately, it was a pretty small discussion right here:

given how the game approaches building now (with the player making selections of available walls, roofs, etc., this isnt outside the realm of possibility… :wink:

Yea, I really hope that the game allows you save a completed building as a blueprint for future buildings; if I design a stone tower to anchor my city walls I’ll probably want to use the same design for each corner!


I guess I remember correctly … must have been one of @Tom’s statements… it is planned that you can save buildings and use them as prefabs/blueprints and thus reuse them.

At what point this might get implemented and if they might have thrown that idea overboard by now is something only they can answer, as so often.

Another thing that we dont know yet is how the system will work.

Is it something where we can hit a button in game to save the plan for latter use.

is it something we create on a spread sheet outside of the game.

is there a construction mode from the menu where u can test buildings, and from this mode u can create plans?

point is, there is a few different systems that could be implemented so we wont know whether u can save mid game untill the system is released. (my money is post-beta, pre-release.)

I love this idea because it could be necessary to test if my villagers can do their work (like a blacksmith) and if they can use all the objects in the house without problems (beds, chests, tables …).
Also I would like to know if my archers can attack enemies from the top of my tower or not (shooting into the wall :frowning: ).

Based on on the livestream last night it looks like building design will be a core feature to the game, with the ability to lay out buildings in the game engine. No specific word on whether you’ll be able to save them as templates, IIRC.


Judging from one of the older videos they were designing the building in a preview mode then switch to actual build mode where there is only a blue outline on the ground.

I guess it will be within the preview mode that you will save the blueprint.