[Determination] Building codes?

ok so… we know that hosts are the only one who can place templates… but one thing is… when i do (even if designed by someone else) my guys build it, not them…

  • is there anyway to lay the template and ctrl + c build it?
  • WHEN will you allow everyone to build their own templates? (kinda annoying lol)

We are working on a way to control how much your people help other players. But in this case, it’s your building, really.

What does “ctrl + c build” mean?


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ok so as host i can get dev console and do Cid-like things… can i spawn a full building from template due to the above?

Oh, right, Ctrl+C is the default console hotkey. Yeah. If you select the building in design mode, and run ib, you should be able to insta-build it. But this is debugging functionality, so things may break and your save might end up in a weird state.

ok ty… just good that we can save in MP :wink: cheers @max99x

-unless both you and the host have the exact same template- /temporary workaround.
(as in player designs made in single player, saved, give file to the host when playing multi, then both you and the host can use that file, and hearthlings do all the correct stuff)

if you design something, the hosts click it and saves it, and you do too, you might actually be able to do it right there and then, but i have not tested that exact situation.

check out my pic in the other thread about the workaround.