Multiplayer templates Repository/ awesome templates we share

Ok multiplayer is fixed. So I decided to change this to show off peoples awesome building skills and share templates until they are added to the steam workshop.

So feel free to add your templates, we’d love to see them!

To use download and extract to your
c:\Steam\steamapps\common\Stonehearth\saved_objects\stonehearth\building_templates folder.

​or where your stonehearth is installed :wink:

Here are my first 5, level 1 buildings all can be built with lev1 carpenter.

There are 5 templates, all with the ub in front. if you only want one or 2 grab the link beside the names.

full set Dropbox - Link not found

4 bed starter Dropbox - Link not found

Double Warehouse Dropbox - Link not found

6 Bed Inn/Kitchen Dropbox - Link not found

2 Bed Cabin Dropbox - Link not found
the inside won’t show up right. 2 beds 3 seats.

Carpenter/Blacksmith Dropbox - Link not found
covered carport for thunder storms.

So post your templates from the new builder. Have fun designing and they take up bytes worth of space so let’s get lots to play with each other :slight_smile:

Unka Bean


thank CID for you my freind @UnkaBean

Also just bare in mind that its no always in the above string… i think it depends on which drive steam is actualy located… right?

This is my carpenter 2 house (house for carpenter) just a test to see if this is how it is meant?

  • i dare not change the file name but i did what you said and renamed the custom building string to Carpenter 2

oh and here is the pic

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yes depends where your game is installed.


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If you name it while in design phase, then save, it will save (and later be loaded) with the correct name.


good to know thanks. last I tried it didn’t work must have been updated since then. Any templates you wish to share for multiplayer?

Unka Bean

Hello ~ in the next update (Tomorrow evening?) there is a fix for this. The way it will work is that you will see all of your templates instead of the hosts templates. Cheers!


YEEEEES, now i can see what others have got :smiley:
(does it also allow you to save new templates while playing?)

you guys rock. Thanks for all the hard work


so this post is obsolete now @ayazar?

Yes, it does let you save new templates. @Unreal_Gam3er yes it will soon be obsolete.


but there is still nothing stopping us from sharing epic templates right @ayazarright… :slight_smile:

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Sure lets keep it for sharing the awesome templates people are making with the new builder :slight_smile:
edited the thread :slight_smile:

Unka Bean