Building editor


I think it should be a great idea to add a building editor which will be accessible throught the menu, allowing the player to create building template, without being disturbed by enemy attacks (like Spore).

So the player could develop a building template during the game, but he could also develop template whith the editor to focus on the template development.

Exemple: you are in front of your computer and 5 minutes to wait. you don’t know what to do because you don’t have time to start a game. So rather to do nothing, you go in the editor and begin to create a template.

A good additional option would be to add the possibility to share easily the building template, on a workshop (steam?); So you push on a “share” button, and all is done automaticaly.
Same thing to download building template or mods.

What do you think about this idea?


… someone know how to reinitialize the game option… I’ve got a black screen with “out of range”


Find the usersettings.json file in your Stonehearth folder and edit it with a text editor for the display settings and more, it’s pretty easy :slight_smile:

As for sharing building templates, they are located in the \saved_objects\stonehearth\building_templates folder and if I remember correct, there is already a fan site to share them with others, just search the forums :slight_smile:

Of course a building templates and mod manager would be cool :wink:

Yeah an editor of sorts would be nice eventually…

Right now though I just use a peaceful world for those times I just want to build, since I prefer building with the terrain in mind. Modular being the key mostly; when I remember to do so.

As to the sharing… wouldn’t bother me either way, since I am use to how the sims does it. drop file in specific location, and download from user run site.

Just the way I go about things in general. :slight_smile:

Yes and advanced template management, folders for example