Library of buildings templates

What about a library in game where anyone can upload and share their building template? It can work like The Sims 4


that sounds good. custom buildings could be ranked as well as there would likely be many contributions. so weed out the chaff…

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They could integrate the Steam workshop into Stonehearth. I mean it couldn’t be too hard.

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the sharing shouldnt be the problem - templates are only 200kb big - but i try to make some png of the buildings but the system doenst accept it - i think i must couple this via quibcle or the png must have some special settings? there are also no topic for this question … so perhaps its only me and im silly ^^

Nice, i’ve been thinking like workshop, since this might be hard for developers to do. (since it is a offline mode game) but if the implement some sort of Coop feature i would be more than happy to see this in a future update :smiley:

I am going to revive this thread once again and say that yes we should in the future have steam workshop support for sharing building templates

and maybe mod support via workshop aswell :smiley: