Buildings templates

I had in mind there is a collection of building templates as a “mod” you can add, is that true?

I find it pain to make own buildings

Mod Edit: Please keep the language clean :smiley:.

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Adding a collection of templates is the same as adding a mod, except templates go in the \saved_objects\stonehearth\building_templates\ folder while mods go in the \mods\ folder. I don’t see what you are looking to do exactly :frowning:

well the game should comes with the default “prefab templates” as we like to call them, but other then those there’s this old “mod” here,

not sure if they all still work, and other then that i cant think of anything else at the moment…


Thats the one I want

But why is no one making buildings to share?

I really find it difficult to build myself

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Is there a place where people can download other peoples templates?

Hey there @XanYder, this has been brought up many times before (I merged it with the most recent discussion), and here are my thoughts at the moment. While it would be great to have a central repository of building templates, this has not happened yet (I think) do to how many times the building editor has changed, as well as the building system as a whole. Once the building system is stabilized a bit more, I would love to create a master topic here on the Discourse for people to upload there templates.


Thanks for the answer :slightly_smiling:

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