Building Templates?

So i really lack creativity, so bad that i can’t really create good looking buildings within the game.

Since the game (at the moment) only comes with a very small selection of buildings, i was wondering 2 things:

  1. Is there any plans for more buildings?
  2. Could you fine creative people of the Stonehearth community share your design plans please?


hey there @Sicario, welcome to the discourse :smile:

as far as i’m aware, yes there is, and if i’m not mistaken @sdee was working on some new “prefab” templates during a stream just recently…

though i’m not certain how many people upload to it, there is a fan-made site for building templates,

hope that helps :slight_smile:


Well there is a post down the forums where someone has put together a website with templets at

I have seen some post where they may add additional workshop content


Thank you very much both of you for the replies!

Hopefully those buildings will work well with A15.

Also thats great news there is some more official buildings coming.

Just purchased the game today and i absolutely love it, i just wish i had a creative mind :frowning:

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Well I have played for over 500 hours and absolutely enjoy this game. There is already quite a few Mods available, and some fantastic artist/voxoleirs on this forum. I hope you find it as enjoyable


Thanks for that link, ill upload some of my templates too

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I’d suggest adding a thread tag for template designs.


Oh something like that would be awesome.

To give credit @BrunoSupremo was the one that set up that site. His post is titled Stonehearth Builds.

we (the mods) were actually talking about that awhile back… and funny enough i was thinking about it just this morning, i’ll check and see whats up with the idea.

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