Stonehearth Templates - a place to share your templates

I know the game will have in the future a templates library but for the moment, I would like to propose you my website to share and download templates. It is based on previous project made for another purpose.

I know that there is also another website doing this, but I have seen it being down most of the time.

Here is my website for sharing templates :

I’m looking for builders that would like to share their templates to start filling it.

I’m also open for suggestion.



I checked out the website, it looks good.I myself am not a very good builder, but I hope people use this one because like u said the other one is often down.

ill upload mine …they kinda need bug fixing :stuck_out_tongue: but i put em on bruno’s site as well.

And will help you get started :)…the ones that are ready anyways.


Also got a suggestion for you :stuck_out_tongue: make the Category a drop down box that has to be picked. I think I made to mistakes already :smiley:

Yes ok ^^ Thank you very much for your templates. You are an impressive builder.

my pleasure :slight_smile: and thank you!

I would like your opinion on the file size limit. Currently I have set to 3mb, should it be enough or should I increase it?

i have a gigantic building ill check the size of that :slight_smile: give me a few min to save it :stuck_out_tongue:

ehhh well >.< my game crashed trying to save it and failed to produce an PNG! but it did make a save file thats 12 freaking mb…but i dont think anyone will ever upload anything over 6 mb tho…since it took me forever to build that one building since the game slows down to a halt when i have to place just a single block :stuck_out_tongue: huge building have to be made in modules currently.

but i see my bridge is 800k so i dunno i guess 3 mb could be broken with something fairly big and fairly advanced.

Ill be adding some basic buildings soon. :+1::grinning:

Thank you ^^ And thanks to other contributors.

added some of my designs :smiley: still figuring out some designs, mine are also more simple not so big.

While more community involvement is always nice, having two sites doing the same seems kinda counterproductive. Plus the lack of acknowledgement makes it look like it’s competing with BrunoSupremo’s site, which wouldn’t fit a forum where it’s more about cooperation and helping each other. I might be missing something, though.

im pretty sure that this site was done because bruno’s site was down so much.

I agree though both should merge and work together

seeing as some point it will likely be a part of the game. i dont think 2 sites is a major problem since they are both a temp fix.

Hmm, maybe you’re both right. Thanks for sharing you views.

I can assure you that I’m not in a competition against BrunoSupremo’s site.

My website is based on a previous project made by myself for Minecraft, and I wanted to reuse it for Stonehearth community. At first I was hesitant to make it because there was already a website doing it, but as it was far too much down, I decided to propose my own website.

To come back on the subject, I’ve added a basic system to show that a template is correctly working. So if people are interested to join a sort of “moderation” team, feel free to ask.

I see, thanks for clearing things up. :slight_smile: Site’s looking good, btw. I’d use it myself, just can’t bring myself to register for yet another service. Good luck, though.

if I had a dream, I hope that the sites can auto-mirror their contents…

Or have a separate 3rd party desktop app “helper” that manages the templates currently in your game, that can rename, delete current templates as well as auto-install new templates directly from a gallery that combines templates from both sites.

lol. just a dream :wink:

you should write a comment when it fails i might be able to fix it :slight_smile: like failed to place or failed to build…but i tried to place the bridge myself and i think water buildings might just be pretty bugged…same issue for my newly made dry dock…and the river side house all buildings that touch water.