StoneHearth Builds - a fan site for sharing building templates!

New adress:

Basically this is a database for buildings, guys like me that are not so good builders can get some awesome builds from other users, and the build masters can upload and show their creations.

Although we have download and upload here on the discourse, it is not centralized enough to be easy to find something you like. And the site purpose is so specific that we don’t run the risk of fragmenting the community into different sites or user bases.

Navigate through the search page to find what you need.
You can sort them in order of newest, popular or most downloaded.
If there are too many builds, you can filter using tags to show only builds with that specific theme.

Uploading is as simple as possible, all needed is the file “your_template.json” and the image “your_template.png”. Add a short description and chose the right tags. Done!

Suggestion and bug reports are welcome.


I like the idea of this a lot. Maybe you can add a version field, though. So that you can mark a template to be built in e.g. A14, so you know not to download it when we reach A17 or so. :wink:


Will do, but first it will need an account system so players can own their builds and edit those. As far as I know, the file format for builds didn’t changed in a long time, so there is not much to worry for now. :slightly_smiling:

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This is a great idea for the community, thanks for putting something like that together! I would hope Radiant has plans for a community build sharing method in the future - Workshop for Steam, etc. Is that in the plans or ideas? I’ve not read anywhere about that.

I’m personally a very bad freeform builder even though I love being creative with my towns - I just have not mastered the art of hearthling management well enough to have the patience for some of the elaborate builds I see! I’d love to be able to download interesting blueprints from the Steam workshop and try them out in my world!


in the past, before the new site was “released”, there was talk of getting its own template sharing spot, but i believe those were just rumors without any confirmation from TR about it.

and from what i understand, TR wants to enable steam workshop eventually, just not at this time.


Well a creative building game like this just begs for community template sharing. One of the things I like about Cities Skylines is how amazing the Steam Workshop community is and how many things you can download to add on to your game plus not worrying about updates breaking them (the workshop either disables or auto updates them I think) is really a nice relief for someone like me. I love mods, but I don’t tend to use them in Alpha phases of a game. I started using them in Rimworld and then found that the frequent updates were wreaking havoc on a lot of it and sometimes breaking the save game. I watch the mod group here quite a bit and there’s some amazing stuff I can’t wait to try out but I want to be sure the ‘vanilla’ base game is running smoothly for me first. So far I feel there’s still too much engine work being done to really feel comfortable with mods just yet but I look forward to them and admire those in the community already producing stellar content. Steam Workshop (or a similar off site workshop) is a must! It’s one of my favorite things about the Sims franchise… player creations and sharing.


Not immediately, of course, but my first collection of templates at A8 Premade Buildings - No longer work don’t work in the current alphas anymore (who knows, why ^^). Of course, that’s A8, so some time back, but we can’t be sure, the system won’t change in the future again, so just to be safe. :slightly_smiling:

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Come on guys, it didn’t even have 24 hours online and someone already tried to upload a malicious script to it?
Fail safe / error proof is something I will work later. Along with improved and noob friendly interface. This is just a quick draft. I understand it is not that easy to use now, for example someone that doesn’t know where the builds are stored may not be able to use the site, cause there is no instructions on how to do it on the site (yet).


That is really mean… But honestly I would assume it was just a random script kiddie, that noticed the new entries of the free hoster…

Anyway, I guess the login is the next logical step then? And maybe a display next to the entries, which category they are (I know I can filter by them, but it’d be nice to see the icons next to the entries, too). Then I’ll finally finish my new template catalog and feed your DB! :smiley:

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Yeah I doubt it was an actual Stonehearth game player who uploaded something like that. There are lots of people trolling upload sites with that sort of thing just the same as spammers and bots try to get through forum logins and post with fake names and info to create crap on forums. I never understood how that’s supposed to really do something but it’s common.

That’s why I’m hoping one day the game will have safe uploads/downloads hosted by the game makers site or Steam Workshop. I’ve used sites like “Mod The Sims” for years though and they manage to keep the bad stuff out of their downloads so I know it’s possible for third party fansites. Good luck!

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I tried to add it while testing the design, but I got a few problems with sizes and alignments and forgot to re-add it later. It will be on next.

That’s actually a good idea, a system for collections, packages or themes.

Yep, I kinda raged a little and didn’t got a good thought about it. I refuse to believe someone from this community did that as everyone here is super nice!

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Okay, i put my wall sections on that page :slightly_smiling:

there are not good, but its something <3

[quote=“Spiro, post:12, topic:19881”]
Okay, i put my wall sections on that page :slightly_smiling:
[/quote]Mission accomplished.
That’s what I was trying to build and failing, now I can get from your templates :slightly_smiling: .

By the way, your uploads made me realize a little detail I didn’t thought about, which is the image proportions. Our screens are wide rectangles, but the preview in the site (and in-game) is square. So I will also need to detect if the builder edited or not the image preview and auto crop or something to get a square image of it.

Ops, I found a bug. You had uploaded a preview image (“2016-02-09_00007.jpg”), different from the “mauer_gerade.png” you manually added in the .json file. That’s my fault for not having a good interface explaining, or a system to detect the difference. Sorry :sweat:


This is great!
Something like this is what I was googling for for the past months.
Can’t wait to share my buildings with you guys!

Perhaps we can also add some extra pictures to see how a building looks like in a thriving town?
I have plenty of templates that require aditional manual decoration to be added like fences and such that don’t work in the template builder afaik.

But i’m all pro for the login feature first!
Perhaps a search by user function could work aswel then?

You got my like on this project! If you need any help with photoshopping and what not, I’ll be happy to help you out :)!

Respect very nice idea :wink: in german we said: “ich ziehe meinen Hut vor dir!” :wink:
And the cursor changed… AMAZING :wink: ^^ :+1::+1::+1::+1:

Now you could find there a new Windmill

2 thinks would be nice, maybe.

at first, it would be nice if the builder could ad his name to his upload,
and the second nice thing were a Download counter ^^.

For all people which read this post:

Post your buildings on this page, let us share our buildings :slightly_smiling:


Thank you for creating this. As soon as I make something worth sharing I’ll be certain to upload it. :slight_smile: Definitely make a sign in for it though for uploading and maybe an approval process so people can’t upload bad things. I look forward to sharing :slight_smile:

This is awesome. Another idea you should add is that next to each template, the date it was submitted. That way, people have a general idea of when it was made and during which Alpha. I might upload something of mine soon too!

Edit: Just did. It’s the storage pavilion. Hope people get use out of it!
Edit 2: Oh yeah. The scaffolding has been there forever. Bug?

Someone uploaded a malicious script? Wtf that sucks sorry to hear that!

I’ll add your website as a link from mine soon if that’s ok?

@Shizuyori Ok, thanks.

I’m reworking the site, again… I simple overwrited all files I had before by accident and lost all my progress. Yep, dumb.

It will take some time to finish, I have 2 other sites that I need to work on first, this one is just on free times, which I mainly use to play games, so yeah, it will take some time.

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