Just a quick site for custom builds in stonehearth

I just made a quick site for stonehearth custom buildings. Its not complete but it can now be used. I will be polishing it up over the next few weeks.

Url: http://buildhearth.shivtr.com/

It does use a guild creation site but it does give good results.


Hello Friend =^.^=

While I must say this is a good concept, I must ask why we would need a separate website for custom buildings, when our lovely devs have made a beautiful website for their game? I might suggest that instead of a different website, just make a different page on the current website for custom builds. SO its easier for everyone to go to the page instead for jumping from website to website. It will all be in one place

I agree with you one that. The problem is that there is no custom builds page yet so its incredibly hard to find them.