Custom Buildings

Are there anyway websites to catalogue custom buildings?
I would like to upload and download others custom buildings.


At the Moment i think no because the templates doesn’t work in all versions so you must make it everytime New but if you want you can zip them and load them in your topic with the buildnumber perhaps you will find also other persons to share :wink: and also it doesn’t make correct Screenshots of your builds so make ingamescreens so that they can See what it is

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Well, other users could post their custom buildings along with the files but as for a website designed specially for that, no such thing exists.


I am pretty sure templates work in all versions now.

at the moment correct but in the first version like 6 to 7 or to 8 they doesnt work anymore - i think they will be also have problems when a new building feature will be relased (like multi or new slabs etc.)

Ah ok. I am working on getting something up soon. If changes happen I can just not it.

I want to make something like

you mean a website for mods and templates? thats a great idea but when it must be possible to enter the versionnumber or it must have categories for the buildnumber ^^

like me translations - i must make them for every single buildversion because mostly there are new functions or old was deleted or they have changed 1 or 2 lines ^^

Yup I agree. I would make it specific for Stonehearth. I am having problems finding a template that I like. I was looking for prebuilt functionality already. But I don’t know anything about that type of website.

hmmm perhaps this? there you can make easy some websites - actually i have there an very old guildpage ^^ the most features are free ^^

Wow love this idea,

I can picture the website looking amazing. if you require any help with this or come along any issues I’ll help as much as I can. Would love to see a website like that. Heck if you need idea’s for it I have loads. please keep us updated.

I know there’s a website being worked on for Mods but this… THIS I love this idea.

Good luck!

well this thread,

had the suggestion for it to be for things other than just mods…

I have been thinking about making a website for Stonehearth for a while, Adding a load of things was a idea of mine, Such as a second for mods, projects being worked on. Finished projects, Worlds maybe in the future. Just make it like 1 giant website like Planet minecraft with news section ect, But it seems everyone’s slowly getting it covered. Would still love to include these idea’s but I would feel like i’m copying / stealing other people’s idea’s. :stuck_out_tongue: Anyway these websites look amazing so far.

thats kinda what i think the aim of the one i linked to is, not 100% certain though.

From the post it seems like it’s just for mods, But it would be awesome if the website become like Planet Minecraft :smile:

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For simplicity sake I can set up a forum based download site. Something like XDA:

Or I can just host another site like Discourse, but dedicate it to mods, campaigns, templates.