A8 Premade Buildings - No longer work

Hi folks!

This is my first post here, but I’ve been around the game for quite some time now.

Recently I decided to prepare and store a few building blueprints in a peaceful game, so I can reuse them later in my “real” games, so I don’t have to redesign everything all the time. ^^ And now I figured, it would make sense to put them up for your downloading pleasure! Feel free to let me know what you think! :smiley:

File-Upload.net - Raffos-Stonehearth-building-pack-1.zip (1.9MB)
The archive contains 5 buildings, all with manually added screenshots, so they will actually show up in your building catalogue. You need to extract all the files into your building template folder. That folder is in Stonehearth\saved_objects\stonehearth\building_templates, so on a regular Steam installation, that would be

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Stonehearth\saved_objects\stonehearth\building_templates

These are the new buildings (I’ll add pictures later, after I earn the credits to actually upload them ^^):

Regular Storage Hall: A rather simple house, but with stone columns, high windows and a reinforced door, to keep your simple resources in a dry and cool place. It’s designed to have two storage areas of 10x10 next to each other to help your material organization.
Sturdy Stone Storage Station: A more sophisticated storage hall, uses lots of stone (hence the name)! Has bigger doors, but still holds two 10x10 storage areas. (Actually, both storage halls can hold slightly bigger areas, but I like to have 1 field spacing between everything.)
Modern Appartment: Daring design, red roof, space for a little front yard! :wink: (Somehow in my current build I can’t place furniture anymore, so the house is quite empty, despite my best efforts otherwise…)
Cross Hall: I was playing around a bit and made this fancy, cross-shaped building. I had nothing special in mind, but possibly you could put 3 or 4 workshops in the “cross arms” and a nice, unified product storage in the middle. Or turn it into a family home, or a shared apartment with a big communal room in the center. ^^
Worker House: First of all, I ran out of creative names for this one. :wink: On a more architectural note, I was playing around with different floor types for this. The idea is to build one of these houses per workshop. Place the actual workshop on the sturdy stone floor, make a product storage on the dark wood next to it, and have some personal touches in the front (I was thinking desk & chair, but a bed might make sense for your design, too). I specifically paid attention to have some space on the wall next to the door for those worker signs! :smiley:

Have fun and let me know what you think! ^^ When I come up with more blueprints I like, I’ll bundle more together again. :smiley:


hey there @Raffo… love the idea, and your contributions! :smile:

feel free to toss up some screenshots on imgur.com and I can embed them directly in your post… :+1:

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Not sure what’s going on with that download site, but this ain’t good:

imgur, of course! I’m looking at pictures there all the time, but it never occurred to me to upload my pics there! ^^ I fixed that problem now: Raffos Stonehearth Building Pack 1 - Album on Imgur :smiley:

@NonBritGit: That is certainly not my file… Probably you have accidentally mistaken the real download button with one of those stupid “Ads” that look like download buttons? The correct one is the blue one with a “cloud & arrow” symbol directly under the file information (date, size, downloads). The last image in the imgur album points it out, too. I’ll gladly take recommendations to other file hosting sites, if there are any good ones out there.

Yeah got that also, seems if you hit one of them non blue buttons that site adds their download software to the end of the zip file, but hit the blue and it’s separate BUT you still get a couple window pop-ups for that downloading software, I really do wish one could find a site that doesn’t add a bunch of adds or crappy dw software windows.

There ought to be a law! :wink:

Yeah, this is always a problem with these download sites - they have things so confusing, good luck finding the actual download button.

Good looking buildings by the way!

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nice work! :smiley:


New pack available! :smiley:
http://en.file-upload.net/download-10396187/Raffos-Stonehearth-building-pack-2.zip.html (4,7MB)
(once again sorry for the crappy file hoster, but I didn’t find a better one yet.)

These are the new buildings:
X Marks The House: A successor to the cross hall, but diagonally. Because I read somewhere, that 45° turns add sophistication! :wink:
Shotgun house: My first attempt at multi-story buildings! But with a focus on the ability to save it as template. Comes in “floor 1” and “floor 2”, unfortunately you have to build the stairs/ladders at the side yourself. Shouldn’t need any babysitting during construction, though!
Elevated floor for the tiny cottage: I came up with the idea to put houses on columns. A single column, specifically. ^^ This is nothing special, just an elevated platform with stairs, big enough to put the stock “tiny cottage” on top with some space left to put up fences. Or build something entirely different on there. Actually the towers below should fit, too, but I never tried that (b/c it’s structurally not stable, obviously! :smiley:)
Treehouses: Speaking of putting houses on sticks… Let’s build tree houses! :smiley: The regular one needs a significant amount of babysitting during the construction, and is intended to be entered by a ladder, that needs to be built afterwards. The big one is fine by itself most of the time (you only need to put a ladder somewhere in between, when the hearthlings have problems figuring out the space between the windows, and towards the end for the final top). I made them half open, as the slabs of course don’t fade away with the regular visibility switches.
Modular wooden tower: Build the wooden tower base, as many intermediate levels as you want ("…have the patience for…"), and choose between two great top levels (one with a roof, the other open and more castle-like)! This one is only made from wood, so it should be possible to build this early enough. Make sure the internal staircase matches with every floor. Does require babysitting for each wall segment (not the open top!), but the internal structure should be built without intervention.
Modular stone tower: An obvious development. A bigger and more sturdy tower, following the principle of having a base module, intermediate floors and one of two possible tops. Needs significant amounts of stone, lots of babysitting for the outside walls (again, only the mid sections and the roof top, not the open top), and some minor babysitting for the internal column.

The towers are designed with that column in the center, so that the upper floors can easily be placed on them.

Here’s some pictures. ^^

(Braziers not included)

internal view of staircase

Edit: remember to pick the right download link, don’t get fooled by the ads! Hint: http://i.imgur.com/hwdF0C6.jpg


@Raffo do you think it would be possible for you to add a manifest.json for these buildings? they look really awesome but i know nothing about coding and it’s not so much my thing… especially while not knowing the buildings or names of anything or any of that. please and thanks…

Hey there @wtfomgbbq123, welcome to the Discourse!

What do you need a manifest.json for? If you open the zip you should see 5 json files and five png files. Simply copy all the files to your saved-objects folder to view them in game. The default location (assuming a Steam install) is C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Stonehearth\saved_objects\stonehearth\building_templates.

@jomaxro yes i am aware it should be that simple, but i get an error telling me the manifest.json file is missing wood_wall or something like that. could it be due to playing the other race? not adcendeary or whatever?

Can you post the exact error you receive (copy and paste)? It is possible that these templates contain something that was removed…

release-489 (x64)
std::exception: '‘stonehearth’ has no alias named ‘wooden_wall’ in the manifest.'
stack traceback:
[C]: ?
[C]: in function 'create_authoring_entity’
radiant/modules/client_entities.luac:3: in function 'create_entity’
stonehearth/lib/build_util.luac:56: in function 'create_entities’
stonehearth/lib/build_util.luac:60: in function 'create_template_entities’
stonehearth/lib/build_util.luac:170: in function ‘restore_template’
…th/services/client/build_editor/template_editor.luac:11: in function ‘_restore_template’
…th/services/client/build_editor/template_editor.luac:20: in function ‘go’
…rvices/client/build_editor/build_editor_service.luac:44: in function <…rvices/client/build_editor/build_editor_service.luac:44>

that is one
here is the other
release-489 (x64)
c++ exception: lua runtime error
stack traceback:

OK. It looks like the templates are from an older version of Stonehearth. Based on the date, I would guess they were made in Alpha 8, and there have been numerous building editor changes since then. So unfortunately, these are not going to work. Sorry!

oh alright. thank you. glad to at least know

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Hi guys,
yes, those template are rather old. Unfortunately with the new versions I didn’t get to play a lot myself, so I didn’t get to update them, but I’ll try to release a newer version soon. (Then probably also with a few clay brick houses added to the mix ^^)

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For the record: I recreated some of these designs in A15 (and some new ones)! They’re all available from Stonehearth Builds (though currently the page does not support authors).


Thank you so much for uploading and updating! :astonished: