[MOD] More Building Template

If u stuck with only 4 default building on stonehearth
this mod is for you. Alpha 10 compatible
File download

Stonehearth - Album on Imgur
Barrack (remember to manually make ladder for 2nd and 3rd floor)
Workshop ( i remake the Raffo’s workshop from thread named : Premade Buildings)
Storage Hall (remember to manually make ladder for 2nd floor)

fix door/windows for r393



How To install
Extract to your game folder
example :


Is that the same castle tower as in the trailer? good work.

Nice… have you tried to included this all in a mod, to make the installation more user friendly?

Curious because this is part of a mod idea I have in my mind :wink:.

Nice buildings!

Can I suggest using a reinforced door on the stone tower?
For extra protection, you know!

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well for now this building works, but prior to development update the code may changes and this building json code may not work for next build version, until dev put and easy way to making mod (repack & share like steam workshop)

you can modify in the “edit building tool” and redistribute my works, feel free to add/edit

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I’ve thought more about a mod-file which you can simply move into the stonehearth-folder and which adds the buildings through the manifest.json… just not sure if it works with saved objects. Worth a try.

I don’t think the building templates work that way. Even the defaults are just files that the install puts in your Stonehearth\saved_objects\stonehearth\building_templates folder.


Yes, seems like there is no reference to saved objects in the Manifest.json… but I am sure that @sdee will handle that in the future (or another fellow developer) :wink:.


haha this is the first time i success made 3 stories building with staircase #warehouse (saved premade) full slab.
because sometimes its bugged when we adding staircase to 2-story building, worker cant find path because wall blocked .
the only way making staircase is adding it after the building finish.

link on top, feel free to comment

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Can you make more of these??? i really like your design and i would love to have a tavern or something like that, also a Castle would be awesome!! :smiley:

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for now its kinda limited since we cant build stair without error. well its basically standart building, u can make ur own actually…and im not kind of creative person :smiley: . ill add more later when more option avaiable on futher alpha updates

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isn´t there more buildings? like walls towers and so on?