Mods that should be added to Stonehearth as Standards


Hy everyone ^^

  • Stonehearth Cafe
  • BreweryMod
  • Patrol Points
  • Furniture Expansion Mod
  • Tuhalu
  • jomaxro_doorway_mod
  • torch mod
  • mod remplace mass replace

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Here are some mods - who i think they should add as normal things to stonehearth ^^

ust a little list of possible mods for the normal stonehearth - nothing what can destroy the normal feeling:

[MOD] Stonehearth Cafe (Cooking And Farming Expansion) 1.92 - you all know it and love it
[Mod] Brewery Mod 3.1 - Alpha 12 - companion work to stonehearth-cafe
[MOD] OneLaughingLlama's Modding Corner - UPDATED + NEW CLASS FORESTER - not working at the moment BUT automatically foresting!
Bea small changes (v102) - some small but very cool looking repairs!
[Mod] Settlement Decor Mod [Download available] - just as tom has mentioned ^^
[MOD] Silomod - A stone silo mega-container v2 - SILO?! who doenst want this ^^
[A10R293] Zulser Ltd - because of the big backpacks not really needed anymore but for big distance still great :smiley:
Mods from Tuhalu - i love picnic ^^
[MOD] Smith ‘s mod 2015.7.9 - WEAPONS!!! LOTS OF WEAPONS!
[MOD] Torch Mod - v2 - handheld toches^^
[Mod] Colors Mod by Chimeforest - not uptodate but i love the much colors ^^
[Mod] Remplace - (Mass) Replace placed items -
Last but not least! Pandemic's Art and Modding Corner! Bringing Pretty Back since 2017! - Here is the furniture-expansion-mod which has some great furniture :smiley:

mods for later:

The Roman Mod [work in progress (models)] - later when the different kingdoms was added xD
[MOD] More Building Template - after the add of stairs xD
Tobias' Mod: NorseHearth - also after adding kingdoms ^^

(Semi) New player with questions
User Submitted content?
Starting to develop mods!
Modding Page : recomendations and mod ideas

of course, if they were to add these they would need to get the mod creators consent beforehand :wink:


thats right but i dont think that any of the modders has an problem with that :wink: because its a extreme honor - like when tom mentioned the settlementdecormod


i understand that, and completely agree, i would be honored if i had something of mine added to the game. but its “better safe then sorry” :wink:


jup i know what you mean and it shouldnt be a problem to ask the modders if they agree to add it ^^ its like my germanmod if they want it they can have it … ok one moment :wink:



i will add this to my modthread too xD perhaps this should be an standardphrase for all modders? ^^


i know I would be honored if anything I created would be added. not that I do anything in particular that would be wow factor to be added xD


I pretty much feel the same. If they want to use some of my mod items to riff on to make an official item, then I’ll not be getting in the way.


Well I will sue them if they dare touch one of my tiny changes! :stuck_out_tongue:

More seriously, the north mod looks really gorgeous. Hope to see some of those in the northern kingdom.


Ehhh… to be honest, I don’t think I’d really want my content in the core game.


no prob ^^ removed from the list :smiley:


make it a DLC :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Isn’t that basically a mod? :wink:


an overly priced mod :wink:


I’d be thrilled if they added torches to the main game, though my models are sub-par, hastily-made things. It would be nice to see buckler-torches or the like, that add blocking to the offhand. I think the main thing holding torches back is the code for them to be picked up and set down at nighttime.


I know I would be thrilled to the tips of my toes if they used anything I made and I’d do a little dance and probably squee like a giant fangirl lol


totally reminded me of these,


Well Minecraft doesn’t somehow so maybe whatever allows for Minecraft to not need it Stonehearth has as well?


well i dont think they actually legally need permission, but its just common courtesy to not use it if the mod creator doesnt want them too.

but then there’s also the fact that some of these mods actually add things that were already planned for the core game, before the mod was made, so they dont really need permission for those ones…

does that make any sense?


True like when potions were added to Minecraft which had been planned for quite some time and then some potion modmaker got upset and sent Notch a letter.


Just to let you know that brewery mod is now located here: [Mod] Brewery Mod 3.1 - Alpha 12 instead :smile: