What would you like to see in Stonehearth!

Alright people as some of you may know i am making mods and it is going well. That said i would love to hear what you guys want to see made for stonehearth.

A few things to know about Yang & Co’s Mod Making.

We make mods and have a decent capability of modding but we focus mainly on making more content rather then inventing new things.
We mainly add more items to the game as well as new jobs and traders. We stay close to the original stonehearth style and are not fund of mordern and futuristic items.

That said i want to know what kind of new furniture, decorations, weapons, armour, jobs, crops, food or other things you would like to see!
We also slighly revamped the gears system in our new upcoming patch as well as making a way to craft coal from wood.

Let me know below what you would love to see in stonehearth! I cant promise ill make it but i love to hear to voice of the crowd!


I really love plants and flowers! It would be great to have an option of at least planting herbs around houses without the field underneath and constant harvesting. I find the planters that are ingame a bit too obvious. Placing a bunch of them around one side of a building doesn’t look right. I don’t know… is there a mod for that? Decorative placement of crops and herbs? Or even a bunch of new flower models!


Really like the idea! there is not much flora for decoration yet so ill be sure to make some more!
In the mean time the only mod i can think of that has some decent extra flora decoration is this one. [Mod] Settlement Decor Mod [Download available]
There are a few more mods out there with a few flora items as Home sweet home (Version 2.3) 🏡 NEW UPDATE! for instance


I would like to see something involving patrols, like where you can tell your guards to patrol, i mostly want this as a mod because I use my mines as a storage and my guards go in there and go around the whole thing which is annoying for when i get attacked.

Would it be possible for you to make a mod that would make your hearthlings stay/work in designated areas? I posted a topic under suggestions to this effect but we all know ‘hearthlings be dumb’ sometimes so maybe having them prioritize food and sleep items in an area so they won’t stray from their work area would be nice.

Right now it’s like they’ll run clean across the map for food when they’re standing next to a crate full of it.


There is actually already a mod for that!


Altho I like the idea, I don’t think I have the capability to make a mod like that. I’ll ask Joel (the coder of Yang & Co’s Mod Making) if something like that is posible within the modding of stonehearth. I’ll update when i know for sure.
Regarding sleeping, you can assign a bed to a specific hearthling in default Stonhearth. Click the bed and in the left bottom corner there is an icon to assign a person to that bed. They will always go to that bed to sleep.

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i would like to see more windows variations, 1 thats like 1 block wide and 2 high or 3 and maybe a window thats 3x4 or something, i cant find any of the windows good in my buildings. i like to make them uneven sizes. only now the vertical windows will fit but those are very ugly.
maybe even some wooden window covers.

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Some windows seems like a good idea. Ill put it on the list!

In the mean time there are already a few mods who bring new types of windows so be sure to check these out as well!

there might be more but those are the once i know of ^^

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I might have found a way to improve that people stay in their own area. The same way you can claim a bed for each hearthling i could try and do the same for chairs. This might force hearthlings to eat on that specific chair. No clue if they still walk a mile to get the food they want but it is certainly worth the try right?

Let me know if you like the idea! @Jim_Orleans

If you are still looking for suggestions:

A new profession, the innkeeper. This profession uses a designated area (same mechanic as the trapper (random arrivals) or shepherd (fixed people staying)) to “farm” hearthling npc’s. Consuming both food and drinks made by the cook in order to create gold (or some other valuable goods, maybe randomly chosen from a series of options). It seems like an easy way to make towns look more active by having a town square with chairs and tables, and a few bars with npc’s who don’t need a lot of pathfinding.

This is an amazing idea but far from simple and I highly doupt that i could do this.

Getting random npcs to appear would probably be doable but the npcs need an own AI and thats a big task.

The zone making shouod be doable but again the npcs need to have an AI that thay use the chairs (an maybe beds)

And probably the hardest part would be making the system in which the npcs will be feeded. It could be like tge sheppard but then the innkeeper wpuld be feeding his costumers and that would look weird.

All by all I dont think I be able to pull that off. I will certainly give a look at it because i like the idea but i fear that i can’t do it.

What i certainly can do is make more furniture for tavern like places but that not hitting the mark with your request.

Good point, maybe having people walk over chairs and tables to get to roast poyo left on the floor for them (the current shepherd behaviour) might not be looking too good.

Is there a mod to remove conversations yet? I was getting back into this game after a long break when they added conversations and it killed all my motivation to play. Watching your hearthlings talk about soup or hug a sheep when there are a thousand items waiting to be hauled was really discouraging.

I am sorry but removing an whole gamplay aspect is not within my capability.

uhmmm… @Yangzhoui, please? More Monsters Suggestion

Altho i would love to i am quite limited on this part. Monsters require both A.I. and Advanced animation which i both dont have the capabilities for.

Altho i saw one thing within your post that i might be able to do and that is making different variations on the golems (copper, gold, etc)
Since i could copy the excisiting AI and animations and just reskin them and making them a random event just like the normal golems is also not hard. I would tweak it a bit so that gold onces are more rare then the other and such.
Changing the drop they give is easy as well.

I am afraid that is all i could offer on this front. I just dont have the skills and resources to make advanced animations and A.I.

But i like the idea of different type of golems so ill put that on the list ^^

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More interesting terrain, waterfalls, swamps, more mountains rather than hills.

I never looked into making biomes so I have no idea if it is within my capability.

I agree that some more intresting biomes would really add to the game. I know that the devs are now working on water phisics so when those are implanted i might give a look at biomes. It’s not really my piece of pie to make terain but maybe its easier then i think. Ill at least look into it ^¢^

In the mean time take a look at the current mod section. There are already quite a few new types of biomes mods out there!

An underwater biome, maybe would be cool. With rock people to explain why they can’t swim or something?

Altho it would be really cool to have that, a mod like that is far out of my reach.

Making it look like an underwater world is probably doable if i would know how to create a biome.
But creating a whole kingdom with seperate aninations is not within my capability.

The biome would be kinda similar to a Spongebob underwater world. This allows for weird things like water underwater. And i could keep all animations the same.