Desired Mod Requests, Aviex wants to do a new mod

Hey guys, it’s been a while since I’ve been on discourse and I’ve occasionally popped in to see what’s new but haven’t had time to put the 20hrs a week in stonehearth that I was at one point.

I’ve finally freed up my time and I think I’m ready to take on something big.

I know a lot of people want me to update my older mods, but I’m not really interested in pursuing them and would happily hand them over to someone who would like to continue.

I want to start on something huge, not just minor mods here and there but one project that’ll basically requires hours and hours of work. I could see this being a long going project or perhaps a big collaboration project. I just need some ideas of what you guys feel Stonehearth is ‘missing’ or what could improve it so much that it’d be worth the hours of work.

You guys have played the game more than I have recently and would have a better idea of what radiant’s up to and what other modders are making. Pitch some ideas and I’ll pick the best ones and maybe do a poll to determine which I’ll do.


Hmm… :thinking:

There was a mod idea I posted recently thaat is pretty big, maybe that would suit your purposes?

It is about a new kingdom that lives in an Archipelago kind of biome. I have written a lengthy post of idea’s under the link, so I am not going to repeat that.

Whatever you end up choosing, I wish you a lot of fun. :smile:

If you ever need someone to throw ideas at the wall until something sticks, I’m more than happy to fling away… hahaha! I constantly generate ideas, most of them crazy, but rarely find the motivation to turn the into anything; so if someone else wants to take the idea and run with it I’m more than happy to share them around.

Here are a couple of starting points – prompts, rather than full ideas…

  • Dairy farming. Cows, milk, cheese, new recipes… it could be a really simple mod, but there’s also the potential to play around with more interesting mechanics. For example, the cows could just drop a bucket of milk like hens lay eggs; but it would be much cooler if the shepherd actually milked the cows when they were fed. Cheese making could be something the cook does like any other recipe; but you could also make it that the cook creates ‘cheese curd’ and then puts it into storage where it has to mature for a fairly long time. It then can be harvested, potentially yielding multiple wheels of cheese (e.g. several small wheels rather than one big wheel.)

  • Gardening Expansion: ALL THE FLOWEEEERS! :sunflower: New rare seeds to find in a variety of ways (e.g. some while mining, some from enemies, some you might even get as a rare drop from harvesting other flowers), lots of potential for new decorations and generally prettying up the town. Flowers could have different growth properties, and it might be possible to have a kind of cross-breeding mechanic to unlock certain rare flowers.

  • Shamanism: like wizards, but more reliant on rituals and preparation. Craft altars and totems, use them in spellcasting; so the spells each have a “recipe” requiring ingredients and workstations. At the end of the process the spell is imbued into an item (much like how the herbalist potions work), so you have the spell ready for where you need it. These items can have a random decay though, so it might be that you craft the item and wait a random interval for it to trigger the spell… e.g. you might have your shaman perform a rain dance which requires dancing around the firepit as the final step, the end product can be “magically imbued ashes”, and then those ashes decay over a random length of time. When the ashes are removed, they trigger the rain dance’s effect (crops grow faster thanks to the rain, or something like that. You could try adding actual rain, of course, but that’s another point…)

  • Weather. We know that the dev team are already planning to do seasons and that weather will presumably be a part of that, but those seasons are so far off that you wouldn’t be treading on anyone’s toes… probably. It’s one you’d have to check with the dev team before starting, but I can see it being a really interesting way to test out weather mechanics, and it would touch on many parts of the game. If you’re looking for something really complex and game-changing, this might be it.


Some ideas which probably don’t fall in the category large mod, however, I’m not really able to judge on the amount of work required for them:

  • Some class whose only job is to convert materials to pack, haul them, and then unpack them. This would work by having packing workshops (perhaps splitted by different materials) and unpacking workshops. This would allow for stockpiles near a mine from which the materials are taken when a pack is ordered (from a workshop type near this stockpile). These things can then be unpacked again at a workshop near the main stockpile area. Also allows for storing large amount of wood/ore/stone without going through the hassle of having to place and harvest them when they are needed.

  • An UI mod, in which a button is added to the building interface which allows for instantly building the building for a large gold cost, and thus allowing for an use for large amounts of gold.



I would love to have glass walls or make custom windows. Could be done with clay blocks as that’s the closest to sand.


You probably already know what I want. Tech stuff. Probably what the rest of the community wants is more important and doable though :wink:

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Pitch me your craziest ideas.

I’m looking for a mod that could take months to finish.

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Right, crazy idea that is a challenge… how about a mod for underground mobs with small underground buildings to find and your very own custom wee beasties roaming the caves? Since the devs are focused on the surface why not go where they are not? Perhaps you can even inspire them when they finally get around to it.


Oh, I’d LOVE a tech mod – I just can’t see a practical way to make it work the way I’d imagine. I have a rule when making suggestions: if I can’t picture at least the basic premise of how it would function, I leave the idea to simmer until I can; and stick to things that I can see possibly working right now.

But that rule doesn’t stop me wanting to see it happen! And if that’s the path chosen, believe me I’ll be eagerly lining up to throw ideas at it!

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Here’s a crazy idea for a total overhaul mod I had the idea for, but sadly I’m awful when it comes to coding and stuff so I could never do it.

##FallHearth: a Fallout Overhaul Mod

Story: Your group of dwellers have finally emerged from their vault to the surface. The only thing they know is what Vault-Tec and their elders taught them. They know a great deal about the world before the war, but after being secluded for centuries, the dwellers know nothing of this new wasteland of a world. Help create a new life for your dwellers as you try to rebuild civilization, or die like so many others have to the wastes.

Content to be Added - A great deal of new content will have to be added to the game to make this mod. The biggest project being a totally new map, which will be the wasteland. Along with this map, new resources will have to be added to be as immersive as possible to the Fallout games.
Jobs will have to be changed from the ground up to fit the new theme of the game. Occupations like a carpenter wouldn’t be too popular when there’s barely any trees around, so instead they’ll use scrap from pre-war ruins.
Pre-War ruins will have to be added to give the player access to scrap. While there still is wood and stone, scrap will be a main component in constructing your settlement. Scrap in general as a crafting material and building material would be implemented. These ruins can be anything like cars, mailboxes, street lights, and more. There are more ruins to be made though, like buildings, billboards, roads, and more. Anything to make the game feel more immersive in this world
While some preexisting creatures can be re-skinned for this mod, more creatures will need to be created. The irradiated beasts of the wasteland must be added. Creatures like ghouls, bloatflys, radroaches, and even Deathclaws.
There is much more that would need to be added, but this is just a few to list.

Already Existing Things in Game That Would Need to be Changed - This can account for a lot of different things. Even the smallest detail will have to be changed to make this mod as immersive as possible.
Your starting Hearthlings will need their clothes be changed to Vault suits. Everyone else though can wear rags or dirty clothes depending on who they are. Hearthlings from outside the Vault could even be non-feral ghouls.
Weapons and armor would have to be changed completely. Bows and arrows would have to be changed to guns, from regular guns to even energy weapons. Hand to hand weapons would have to be changed too. Instead of swords, there would be knives, machetes, tire irons, anything. Armor would also be changed. Low level armor can be changed to crudely made leather armor, while top level armor would be power armor.
Preexisting creatures would have to be changed. Goblins could be changed to Super Mutants, and change their camp to fit that theme. Animals could be changed to things like giant ants, radscorpions, and more.
Instead of having a messenger from a nearby kingdom come to recognize your settlement, it could be a messenger from a faction in Fallout, like the NCR, or the Minutemen.
More stuff would be changed, but this is just a taste of what would need to be done.

What do you think?


Probably would require a new race/civilization(like rayya’s children) and a new biome.

But this is the scale of a mod I’m looking for.


I was thinking about religion, something that gives a Cultist something to do, however my plan for the class is lacking too much to even post right now.
maybe someone can jump in with creativity ?


Hmmm… Just an idea, maybe some sort of ritual/worship on an altar/monument to the bunny god that if performed, they (specifically the player) will be granted "miracles"cheats.

Maybe the rituals can also be varied for different miracles and may require different offerings (tiered offerings perhaps?), for example:

  • Offering a carrot in the ritual may make the bunny god give the farmers a great-yielding harvest (instant grow).

I can’t think of anything else as of now, maybe other miracles such as instant build or destroy enemies, those kinds of stuff. Tell me guys what you think :smile:.


Just a question; do you want to make a mod that makes the original game whole different, or do you want to have the mod the same method as normal stonehearth?

If you don’t know what I mean I’ll give some examples:
with the “totally different” I meant e.g. make the game like an RPG.
with the “same method” I meant e.g. the same mechanics like another biome/race.

Same method more just the scale of it.

Completely changing how the game works would require a lot of changes and may not even be plausible w/ current mod setups.

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@Aviex Please?
More Monsters Suggestion

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I like your mob suggestions.

Okay, so I got an idea of making:

Modern Stonehearth

with this you can make a Modern city.

Here are some things I could think of:

  • Able to make from iron/steel bars walls for skyscrapers etc.
  • Glass windows
  • modern roads (for people who are too lazy)
  • streetlights, traffic boards, traffic lights etc.
  • cars/trucks (for extra deco)
  • billboards
  • modern furniture

That’s about what I could think of for now. If i can come up with something else I’ll put it here. And if someone else can add somethings to this that would also be lovely :merry:

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Dude just dungeons… dungeons nuff said

  • with bosses, loot, and so on
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This is the top idea so far.

I even have some ideas of how this would play out. Possibly some RPG elements to this “Stonehearth Dungeons” mods.