Mod Idea Proposals

Hello! I’m interested in making a mod. And with summer coming up, what better time to start! (I do have experience with code)

So, I have a few ideas, but I’m happy to work on things you suggest, too!

  1. Railway and Minecarts
    (Drawing from BrunoSupremo’s Railway mod, with permission)
  2. More Turrets for the Engineer

And, of course, I want to try to obtain multiplayer functionality, even if it’s just LAN.

Any suggestions?

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I want something that hearthlings can use to move faster (for example if the trappers trapping zones are too far away)

It would be super awesome if that would be possible! o.o And I looove minecarts. Not minecraft but minecarts! :smiley:

Hey @Matthias,

Right before I clicked on your post, I immediately thought about the Railway and Minecarts mod! Loved that you already had that on the list, and I look forward to the progress that you make on it!

There’s really only two things I can think of, and hopefully they’re a little less strenuous than multiplayer… which, best of luck to you on that one! If you accomplish some form of multiplayer in Stonehearth before the developers do, you will be a king to many!

Anyway, the first idea is terrain generation. Really, I’d just say add your own flavor to it. Whatever you feel would be the coolest thing for the terrain, go for it! I suggest terrain generation because that seems to be something that a lot of people want to see, and would refresh the feel of Stonehearth, since it’s been a while from the last update.

The second idea would be to look into combat, make it more strategic and more RTS-ish. Again, throw in whatever you think would be the best! I’d love to see what you come up with!

Oh! And for much more less-involved mod, I’d suggest a clothing mod for Hearthlings. Allow the player to create a wide range of clothes with varying colors with the weaver. Could be interesting!

Anyway, those were just some quick little ideas. Best of luck to you man!


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an option for enabling / disabling certain clothing / armor / weapon types would be great

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@DontCallMeSurly @Hiroyugane_DE
The clothing mod is a go! Not as in ready, but as in it’ll be done!

I love the idea of having different clothing options for all the hearthlings. I could make the ‘regular’ versions of shirts be plain white cloth, and then have them be dye-able with different flowers (of course, I’d have to add more flowers for all the colors!)

Also definitely going to revamp the Railway mod so that the carts can move, probably about as fast as a 10 body hearthling would be. (200 blocks in a matter of seconds!)

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that sounds a little bit too overpowered(?)
I’d suggest that this depends on the level of the engineer who builds the train and if it has any upgrades / has higher quality material (for example it’s faster if a master engineer repairs it than if a lvl 1 engineer repairs it)

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Dude, honestly. If you make LAN work, talk to Radiant for implementation and a job you’re all good to go for life. They could spare so many “resources”

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Hey, awesome man!

And if you get minecarts going with inventory, HOO, we got a Minecraft mod here! : D

And again man, best of luck!


I’m gonna be the bearer of bad news here: Any mod containing content that will be added to the game is off limits.

I fear this would include your grand idea of attempting to get multiplayer into a mod, seeing as they’ve said it will happen a lot, obviously.

I recommend you ask them explicitly before even starting to attempt it.

Though I honestly doubt such an attempt would be successful, I wish you the best of luck.

Thanks for the warning.
I really don’t want any trouble.

Let me amend my previous statement, because I might have gotten it wrong.

It goes like this:

Say you’re really looking forward to the magmasmith. They’ve mentioned it is to be added, as they’ve also done multiplayer. But, magmasmith already has a folder in the games code, with the basics for the class. It’s 100% not allowed to create your own mod which “turns on” the magmasmith.

Multiplayer is the grey area.

Also, looking back, I do believe back when water wasn’t a thing, somebody made a water mod which “turned it on”, and that ended up getting shut down after a bit.

Oh. Also found the post where Brad laid down the rule.

So, uh… do with that what you will.

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It’s also worth noting that Seasons are a planned feature, but @BrunoSupremo got explicit permission to try out a few ideas in a mod since the team weren’t doing anything with seasons at the time.

Obviously it’s going to be a case-by-case thing, but it never hurts to ask. I suspect that a multiplayer mod might delve to deeply into the core game functions for the team to give it the OK, purely because the risk of causing damage to the mod users’ game is quite high. However, they may be keen to see how it would be done, and there is always the potential for a job opportunity.

Going back to the original post though: @Matthias I’d definitely suggest you start out with engineer turrets, since they have examples in the game already. The best way to learn and improve at modding is to start out with copying existing content, since it teaches you not only how that content works, but how it fits into the game. From there, making your own content is not only easier, it’s more likely to fit neatly into the rest of the game; rather than feeling “bolted on” (which is a classic pitfall in a lot of Minecraft mods, and something that even the Stonehearth devs are overcoming at the moment.)

Making new turrets will teach you animations, basic “brains” (AI or behaviour logic), modelling and of course the basics of getting new items and entities into the game; which is the best foundation I can think of from which to move on to minecarts.


I agree with starting with turrets and such. I’ve already contacted someone from the team about multiplayer, but haven’t gotten a response yet. Maybe (hopefully) they are considering it.


Ooo! Ooo!

Just thought of some quick little mods as well!

Three small little features - 1) For the Ascendency, make both footmen and knights be colored green, or all blue. As for Rayya’s Children, all red.

  1. Move the iron pike, while being used, down in the Heathlings’ hand so they are holding it in the middle, rather than the exact end of it.

  2. Remove the wings off of the Footman’s Iron Helm (Helmet).

Just a little something!



I can only agree with that. It’s one of the great examples in the game that teaches you so many things in just one project. Will try that out by myself on the weekend. That suggestion is lovely, thanks^^

Btw you forgot to mention the learning of balancing your new content :merry:

I’ve been thinking about that for a long time now. Changing the uniforms’ colors to their respective faction color. If I am not mistaken, the Northern Alliance’s faction color is blue :confused:?

That is correct. Also, love the idea.


Oooo! Thought of a really small mod to do as well.

What about making the archer having the same outfit as the footman?

That way they can look more city-guard-esque.

So yeah!

Other than that, hope your modding is going well, man!


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I love @DontCallMeSurly ideas about making the military outfits more uniform via color. If you really wanna get fancy I’d challenge that you make a new set of gear for RC altogether. I realize they’ll probably go back over and refine the looks for each faction, but always found it odd that they didn’t make a more stylized set for them.

Heavy Armor style for Knights:

Metal with cloth/leather dervish style for Footman:

Cloth/leather for Archers:

Edit: I did not make these pictures, I do not own them, I just snatched them from google for inspirational purposes.


I think there should be a new monster but like a really strong boss type a thing. maybe a dragon, or maybe a mod that you can use to make outdated mods compatible or usable for the current version and more versions to come. a werewolf (i think that,s already in game.) or a tree monster something like this or another monster or tamable pet like tihs or maybe a leothin as a tamable pet or monster

I think you get the general idea. just maybe more monster or animals that might be tamable.