Minecarts and rails

Have anyone made these things? i guess only for decoration, but still. It just dont feel right to build tracks with the editor compared to the size of the hearthlings?

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i agree i wish there were actual minecarts and rails and if possible FUNCTIONAL minecarts and rails to transfer materials to and from locations to give me an excuse to go out into the world and not just stay in a single small area given how large the world tends to be compared to how little space you and your hearthlings end up taking up in the late game.

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you have a updated mod for item. but no more work…

Something like this?


yesss now just make it functional and i’ll be happy with it :3

The best I can do right now with what I know is a minecart that would allow items to be stored (like a chest) but not move. And you could place it on top of those rails. So it would be simple decoration plus storage.


blarg i want it to moooove lol but that’s at least something of a step forward for now :3

That looks awesome @BrunoSupremo! It would be perfect for my current town :slight_smile: Thank you :jubilant:

Now I need to try the carts, I guess it would be hard to make it look good…


Part of me wants that turn slightly rounder, but I don’t know how good that would actually look.

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Yes… good. i like it.

I like square things. In stonehearth the anatomy of items doesn’t follow the real world closely.

For example in Minecraft, even though everything is also made from cubes (or lately from polygons), they always try to achieve realism and make things look real and round or curved, which in my opinion defeats the purpose of cubes…
I love that even our terrain is square in some way.

I tested and unfortunately the minecart could not be placed on top of the rails. It ends up floating a little above it with some space between, even after changing the rail hitbox to half a block the cart would not fall to the correct height. So I made it into a single item, the minecart+rail.


Adding this in the engineer job :slight_smile:

very great… i am zero with the json stuf… (. net ? :slight_smile: )

Should it be crafted by an engineer? I though a blacksmith would be enough, using wood and iron. (This would too expensive based on other items costs, so I guess the crafting could result in multiple pieces at once instead of a single piece per craft)

I uploaded my mod here: Minecart and rails 🛤️


perhaps you could create a section of track that contains a switch to split the track into branched paths and THAT could be created by the engineer since that would require a higher level of skill to create such a thing in the first place.

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In my opinion it fits with the engineer. The blacksmith would of course make it easier to get to, but compared to the selection of craftable item between those two classes, the engineer only have so little to do?

I love your design on these items @BrunoSupremo! And the sharp corners on the tracks gives that original stonehearth feeling. Looking forward to put it into the game! How long did this take you to make? Maybe the devs could implement it quick? And if they dont it will be a great mod :slight_smile:

ooo omg that looks so good :smiley: I wish i kept with making mods so i could help if you needed it. need to get back into it lol. your designs are so nice and i agree with the square look you mentioned. hopefully this can gt made cos it would be so handy :slight_smile: