Mod Idea: Mine Carts and Tracks

Anyone else think this would be a good idea? A mine cart and tracks to hold and transport items/hearthlings from the deep mine back to the entrance? I’m sure I can create the cart and tracks on Qubicle. It’s just the animations and scripting I would need help with.

Anyone want to help?


Cant help but it sounds like an awesome idea. It would be cool to have like a cart with storage in it too so u can move things around easier.

Yes we need this indeed i love the idea :slight_smile:

i cant help to think horses and carts would be cool as well.maybe horese to pull the carts on rails as well.
Give animal keeping some more stuff to do as well.

That’s a whole lot of animating that I don’t know how to do…yet. I can
definitely see that as an addition to this in the future though.

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I figured I would give this topic a bump/update.

I have created the mine tracks. They are ready to place in game. I have yet to create an accompanying mine cart or a track stop, but I will when i get some more free time.

Until then, i thought i would share: (46.4 KB)

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can you do a .smod plz i dont know how to install this

Just unzip the file and drop it into your mods folder.

it doesnt seems to work and who is supposed to craft it ?

You placed the minetrackmod folder in the mods folder and it didn’t work?

The mason crafts the tracks. I thought he needed some higher level stuff.

i changed the name and i semi-worked because i dont see the picture and even if i have all ingredient it’s sa that i cant do it