Minecart and rails 🛤️

Adds minecarts and rails to your game.


minecart_and_rails.smod (168.6 KB)

:warning: Place the downloaded file in your stonehearth/mods folder.



  • Straight: north/south or east/west.
  • Curved: 90 degree curve.
  • End: barrier signaling the end of the track.
  • Ramp: 30 degree up. 2 blocks forwards and 1 up.


  • Can store items inside.
    :warning: It does not move. Sorry.


  • Rails: Uses 1 wood and 1 metal ingot (any kind). Results in 3 pieces at once per crafting. At a level 0 Blacksmith.
  • Minecart: Uses 2 metal ingot (any kind). Results in one per crafting. At a level 1 Blacksmith.

Hope you liked it! :jubilant:


It goes really well with the original style, cudos for that! Time to get industrialized.


Thank you @BrunoSupremo! you are a great resource to this community sir :jubilant:

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Looks great!

Few questions (I won’t have a chance to check this out for a while)…

  1. Can tracks cross? Curious about splits in the track etc.
  2. Can the tracks span gaps (like a bridge)? Not a huge deal - could use blocks as a bridge I imagine, just curious.

Thanks @BrunoSupremo


  1. No, maybe if the collision boxes are removed you could overlap two pieces to create a new one mixed.
  2. I’m confused, can you explain?

By the way, there is a bug that I’m not sure how to fix. When something is above the track, it considers the track as a full block, and it ends up looking as the object is floating above it.
The collision boxes are just half a block, but I guess the game is rounding the size up when calculating the vertical space and gravity. (Though the horizontal collision is working fine with any fractioned number)

Sorry, here’s a quick n dirty photoshop mockup - can they do this…

No, it needs to be on top of something.

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Ide be so ecstatic if the carts could function ;-;


I am enjoying this mod very much, but now i run into the need for changing the elevation of the track… Would it be possible to add a piece that could do this @BrunoSupremo? Even if its only one block height difference it could help making some really cool goblin rollercoasters! haha :jubilant:

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Yes. Something like this right?
Green are grass blocks, red are the common tracks, orange the diagonal track.

I think maybe it would be better to not centralize the tracks in a 3x3 like it is right now (a full block at the center, plus half to the left and half to the right). Instead, place it in centered in a 2x2. At least for the ramps it would make things easier.


Yes ecaxtly what im thinking @BrunoSupremo :slight_smile:

Yes, setting them to 2x2 would be better overall.

Loving this mod! Great addition to a great growing game!
thank you so much for your great work :smile:


Mod Updated

At the first post.


  • Added rail ramps.

I’m not really happy with the result, I would prefer if it was smooth, maybe I can make one straight rail and using rotation animations, rotate it to the right angle, so it goes up with a smooth rail.
By the way, the image below is the same as the above, but instead of centered in a block, it is shifted to fit in a 2x2. I think it looks better (specially the ramp), but I’d prefer to check your opinions first.


YEs the lower picture is the best, it will make better designs. if you could make it smooth i would love to see the result for comparison? But this still looks awesome Bruno :merry:


Man, this took me way more time than it should, 1 full day trying and failing, just because I missed a single line in the .json… :rage:
Anyway, I finally got the smooth diagonal rail working! (Don’t worry about the little voxel sticking out at the end of each piece, it was just a marker to get the correct angle)

I’m going to update the mod later. Anything else that I should know?(Bugs, etc…)
I already noticed 1 missing text at the ramps, it will be fixed with the update.


Damn that looks nice, I didn’t even know we could do something like that O.O
Do you think it would be possible to make a smooth looking turn piece or is it an insane amount of work?
Also do you think we could get a long slow sloping ramp, like 6 across but only 1 up?

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wow, that looks so perfect Bruno! Thank you for the time you have put into this mod. :merry:

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Mod Updated

At the first post.


  • Ramp updated. Now it is a smooth track going up instead of those stepped stair voxels.
  • Everything is now aligned in a 2x2 area (before it was at the center of a 3x3).
    :warning: This means that old tracks in your world will be probably messed now, so you will need to replace them with new ones. Sorry!
  • Small missing text bug fixed.

OMG! This is amazing :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: