Trains and steam ships

If there’s an engineer who is able to build steam pumps then the next logical step would be for him to be able to create trains and steam ships. You could link towns together by rail allowing you to have mining and agricultural towns supporting your capital city.

The devs have already said no ships in the initial release but I haven’t been hearing anything on trains, however it sounds like an awesome mod : )

There might be like mining carts in the game with the mining and underground

Yeah, it seems like something you’d want with Dwarves, especially. They’d get all kinds of neat stuff like that.

I imagine that there would be horses or some sort of mountable creature since there is an Animal Trainer. I keep hearing about steam pumps but haven’t heard Radiant talk about it. If they have maybe there is a more advanced tech like trains or maybe they’re used for Milling or something. If they haven’t the engineers could be used more for a mechanical type of energy as opposed to powered machines. (e.g. Trebuchets, Catapults, Mills) It’s also possible that some things will be powered by beasts of burden. Maybe using a Mammoth to crank a mill or grain elevator.

Or a really really big plow or thresher or something.
You could also use them to pull really big sleds or carts.

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I was thinking, A scheme like minecraft rails, but working with workers. Look at this: Sketch Toy: Draw sketches and share replays with friends! (sorry my bad mouse drawing lol, I am not an artist at all)

Will be this viable in the game? Maybe more, like stations to travel workers, gates and signals in rails intersections. Would be lot fun XD.

much like the technic pack in minecraft, im sure somone with haxxx some more in depth technical “toys” to play with. considering there will be caravans i see no large obsicles to pre program a “caravan” with the same attributes as a train.
to have it follow certain paths. Then once it hits a destination it will “trade” with the storage depot. seems pretty straight forward to me.

This is actually a pretty sweet idea, I can get working on making the rails (if they don’t exist, i have yet to see it) and I’ll also make some train related models (stonehearth it up) and see where that goes. Programming it should be simple enough knowing that moving objects (like caravans) exist. Making it follow a path and function on basic commands like stock, limit, length of train max, etc, shouldn’t be too difficult, but can take time.
I’ll keep you guys updated :smile:

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this seemed like a worthwhile thread to combine with your idea… looking forward to seeing what @y2bcrazy puts together… :+1:

This is a major rough draft, i was thinking mostly of tiers:

  • Tier 1: Rail Cart

Rough Draft:

I’m trying to work with scale and design

  • Tier 2: Rail Car

  • Tier 3: Rail Train

  • Tier 4: Cargo Train (advanced)


nice idea. Im not sure that a full scale steam strain would be fitting for the time and feel of the game. unless there was some sort of tech upgrade pack of course

For the steam train it’s only going to be a 1 man thing…A small Train that can hold up to 5 extensions for cargo.
Nothing will be over sized :slight_smile: I’m making it so it works with the feel and style of the game

im not sure i would expect to see trains barreling across the landscape either… :smile:

however, we do know the engineer brings with him, some “steam capabilities”…

Engineer: Fiendishly complex traps. Steam pumps. Black powder.

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@y2bcrazy Nice work! Some images from google:

Can we have specific cars for specific supplies? Like a plain car for lumber, Mine car for ores, Bus car for people, Tank car for fluids and a Box car for food and others:

Steam pumps permits the construction of trains, of course.

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oh absolutely… it permits the construction… im just trying to wrap my brain around how steam pumps fit into (what we’re assuming is) a more medieval time period… not that i mind, of course… :wink:

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Oh I got it. You are right, in medial times we don’t have trains oO.

The alternative is:

Was the first rail system, pre-steam.

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Perfect, i’ll make all of that :smile:
I enjoy making this since i’m in urban planning (studying) and it pertains to my line of work :slight_smile:

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Just to build on that idea, it would be pretty awesome if you created some sort of track like that, you could then have wooden carts or carriages on it - all stuff that would be considered relatively low tech and fitting of the time, and then have the Geomancer’s golems hauling everything; they would be in front of the carriage/cart with it hooked around them, and they just pull it along the track.


That’s actually an excellent alternative to using horses, I’ve already made various kinds of track which i haven’t shown (since i don’t think it’s much to show alone) but I’ll make it available tonight.
I guess I’ll update my list on Tiers or you guys can alter it (feel free to do so!!!)

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