I need a test model

So, I am trying to have a static-permanent animation for an object in one of my mods, and I have studied @BrunoSupremo’s json code for the ramp of his minecarts and rails mod. I think I have stuff that works now, but the game crashes upon loading.

Now I think I know why that happens: my model doesn’t have (proper) matrices, so the game is trying to animate bones that do not exist. I have tried using voxelshop to make matrices (different layers), but that trew the same error. Now before I dive into the rabbit hole to export my models to blender (I have troubles), or qubicle (I’d have to buy it), I want to know whether it would work with a proper model, i.e. is the model the only fault, and is it the culprit to the crashing. I have never worked with animations before, so I can’t see from just the files.

So I ask someone with software which can for sure break models up successfully, to make me a simple model, which I can test with the animation files. It doesn’t have to be to fancy, five voxels on top of one another will do. The animation needs five bones, named ingot_layer_0 up to ingot_layer_4, from bottom to top.

Huge thanks in advance.