[Help] Animating Mods

What is the best way to go about animate mobs or anything for that matter?

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I’m not sure if it is the best way.
My way is using voxelshop (magicavox does not work with multiple matrix, a basic requirement when modeling mobs with moving parts) and exporting the mob as a Collada file (.dae). This file is then imported in Blender (free animation software) using the stonehearth plugin (Stonehearth Add-On for Blender (Animation))


I think where I’m struggling with Blender when animating is making a skeleton. Thank-you for the helpful advice, I personally use Qubicle 2.0 but haven’t tried Voxelshop. Is it better? Also, I know it’s been awhile since that plugin was last updated. Does it still work without problems?

Oh, if you have qubicle, stick with it. I never used it, but it sounds like every thing is easier with it. (Well, it does not hurt having multiple editor either…)

The plugin works fine I guess. It is a long time since I last used it, so I need to test it again. I’m kinda afraid of using it, because it always throw at my face how bad I am at animations hahaha


Alright so exported it into Blender but how do I add in the textures?

@MoonSight Any help?

I tried once, but didn’t got it working. So yeah, I do it all in plain gray. (I think I like to suffer)


So far this is the progress I have on the actual skeleton of the model. I’m just wondering how this looks so far.

This is what the model looks like broken down.


Here the link to @MoonSight ´s animation thread, where you can find some videoes and stuff.

Is that a lama?


Never seen this. Thanks for sharing this, way more helpful than using bones to make a skeleton! Just hope it’s still relevant.


I’m still around! And thanks @BrunoSupremo and @Fornjotr for helping out here

Skeletons don’t work for StoneHearth animations, if you do that the add-on won’t be able to get any position or rotation data since all the movement is done to the polygons and not the model itself, there are some workarounds that allow the use of a skeleton for Blender, but it’s a bit complicated so the normal parenting method works best for most situations


So your tutorial is the best to follow?

I’d say it’s the ‘safest’ at-least

there is a way of using the [child-of] constraint to connect the objects directly to the bones if you make a skeleton, but it’s a bit complicated and i don’t really know how to make it compensate for offsets, so i’m not sure how safe it is to use that method

You use 3Ds Max right? How do you go about animating in 3Ds Max?

i only use blender so i don’t know how to use Max for animation modding
the script for Max i think is available somewhere in the discourse or on the SH website, but i could be wrong

Well I got almost 90% through making the points when I noticed that the legs of the model weren’t at the right height… so I have to restart again, but I plan on trying to rig it tonight and see where I get.