Symbol's Animation Tutorial for StoneHearth


Hi There!

Symbol Here

we have it; My Terrible Voice and Weird accent in a Video Explaining how to animate for StoneHearth

i mentioned here and there that i wanted to make a Video explaining how the add-on works and how to operate it, but i didn’t have time to really record because circumstances proved difficult with just noisy surroundings, until now that is!

hopefully thees Tutorials will help you guys and New Modders wanting to jump into animating get started
And also be a easy resouce you can point to when anyone needs help with animations

so Far i have made on Video covering how the add-on works and what is required to make a functional animation for SH

and here it is!
(Mind the audio quality, i couldn’t find a good mic, i tried to minimize he noise, but it went through anyway)

(so many takes… so many…)

i will have a new video covering more ‘advanced’ techniques on animating when i get another chance, but this will be enough to get you started

Important! Additions

[Link To Voxel_Pirate’s add-on here]

[Link to Blender]
(also on steam)

[Link to Qubicle voxel editor at steam]
(you may need some modules)

There is also VoxelShop which is free that you can use to make models, but you will need a play around with the settings a bit

Big thanks to @BrunoSupremo for that info!, now i guess the last part will be for the steam version of QC!

here are a parade of some animations i have uploaded here at the Discourse

(Yes, this is eyecandy)

Symbol Out!

also i only now realized how my accent is so… ‘shifty’

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VoxelShop (Voxel-Editor)
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Different models at different times of day?
Getting started on animation

Uhu, time to learn!!!


Thank you so much, @Hyrule_Symbol :smiley:


Oh, for those using VoxelShop, you will notice that there is no .obj export. You can though export as .dae and in Blender import it.
Keep in mind that it exports garbage. You will notice in Hyrule video when he is saving his model that one of the options is a scale option, and it is set to 1. VoxelShop export with a scale 0.05… The .dae file can be opened with text editors, and you can find the value there and change. For some reason the animation will only be good if I use a scale 0.5…
While you are editing the dae file, grab the opportunity to also rename your matrix in there… Yes, it is exported with a wrong name… It adds a prefix to all names, and make it all lowercase. I hated that, made me lose a lot of time. So if you have a matrix named leftLeg, it will change to filename.leftleg, filename being the name you chose to save the file.

In short, VoxelShop can be used, but it really, reeeeally complicates it.


Thanks for the tutorial! LOL Not sure what accent you’re supposed to have, but you’re speaking clearly and it’s easy to understand so I think you’re fine.


THE TUTORIAL HAS ARRIVED! Finally… *Tears of joy.


So… much… eyecandy…


Sorry! Couldn’t scale them down :sweat_smile:


This is great feedback that I will certainly use to improve VoxelShop!

Basically you want (1) an option to overwrite the scale and an (2) option to “leave layer names as is”


Sorry for being harsh there, I was frustrated because it took me a few days without knowing why it was failing.

Yes. Why there was such a small scale? I mean, you had to chose one size, but why that specific 0.05? I would assume that most would simple go for a full 1.

Yes, please. But I understand that having a prefix can be useful, specially if you are going to export from multiple projects into the same animation, to avoid having repeated matrix names.


It was a size that makes a sense for Blender import wrt to their world scale.

All these are now addressed in the latest release: Releases · simlu/voxelshop · GitHub


I have aracnophobia.
But I want to hug the spider-warrior-girl SO MUCH!!!
Thanks for send me this tutorial’s link, @Hyrule_Symbol!!
I hope I can do some amazing mods in return!


I’m trying to follow this tutorial and everything was going well until the part where I can import the material/textures to use on my object in Blender. I carefully follow it precisely but my windows are simply different, probably a version difference?

Thing is, there is no image texture node for me to create, nor Diffuse BSDF node as the object color node. :frowning:
When I select all objects and click the button to display Material data, there isn’t the same options and things as shown in the video…

Any ideas? Has this changed through newer versions over time? Thanks :slight_smile:

Oh… nevermind. Apparently Qubicle now exports with texture already - I just have to go into texture mode… No need for this node part anymore.

Sorry about that necro :jubilant: