Getting started on animation

Hey people! I’ve been tinkering on a little mod of my own recently if for no other reason to learn how the process works (because apparently more people have had the same idea as I have in terms of adding more coloured pieces to furniture and decoration!), but I’ve been getting stuck on the animation part. I’ve succesfully made new models and repurposed an outfit to my liking for the class, but I want to also include entirely new animations. Following the suggestions I’ve found, I use MagicaVoxel and Voxelshop for my modelling needs but when I went into Blender…Instant intimidation (and no QB file imports???). I’ve also noticed that the Stonehearth plugin for Blender seems to no longer be accessible. Welp.

How do I get started on animating for stonehearth? What model would I use to create the animations with? Just grab the hearthling model? And how do I save the animations to Json?

I don’t know about MagicaVoxel and Voxelshop, but when the devs have modeled in Qubicle they have exportet it as a .obj to get it into 3ds max or maya.

I still have a tab open with an animation tutorial that I haven’t checked out. Maybe it has some answers for you.

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thanks for the link to the thread there! The video should be useful. One question though, does anyone still have a copy of the Blender add-on? Because every link so far I’ve found is completely broken. :frowning:

@No_Name you managed to animate some things, can you point him in the direction of the stuff he needs?

sure :slight_smile:

not a lot but i learned the basics from Voxel Pirate channel in youtube:

Blender uses OBJ files and not QB files afaik
the add-on is still in this thread:

but in the last comments

it might be a little tricky to make it work (or i’m bat at following instructions xD)


No_Name, I think I love you :grin: I could not for the life of me find that add-on. Turns out, I wasn’t paying enough attention! Story of my life.

Next step, seeing if I can make this pupper ready for animation~! Though I first have to rip him apart into layers that make sense. That’s going to be an adventure haha.


lol have fun
you might find of use the animations for wolves
in data-rigs-entities-critters-wolf

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hah, and my inexperience with the game itself shows once again. Stonehearth HAS forest critters. It just hasn’t ever shown them to me XD What a cute little wolf they’ve already made :heart:
Remind me to fully plow through the code before I start anything :joy: