Creating a stonehearth animation (video)

My question is, would it be possible to take the stonehearth qubicle models, export them as objects, turn those objects into rigs with a 3D modelling program, then make an animation in a 3D animating program such as Blender or 3Ds Max?
If it is, then i might make an animation of stonehearth villagers fighting off a horde of monsters or building a village.
Sorry if this post is redundant, hard to understand or under the wrong category.

here you go my friend… enjoy @voxel_pirate’s efforts! :smiley:

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This mods are horrible… fast :wink:. I think something like your “fight” is for sure possible. However, depending on if you want to add also a nice setting, some environment, etc. this might be a lot of work you are looking forward to. Good luck and looking forward to take a glance on your work!

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I am a 3D animator that work with blender. I find out on the forum a lot of .qmo files of replicas of the stonehearths assets. Saddly I don’t buy Qubicle so I can’t convert them. So please can you send me them into .obj .

I think “StoneVox 3D” can help you, forum posts here:

The author is @honestabelink

Saddly I already download 4 voxel modeler and it seam like I am not really good so I wantes to kniw if I can get premade assets

Forgive my English is not very good, what you’re saying is: you want to get some has made a good model?

yes I want a finish moodel to animate

something like this? :smiley:

the problem is that they are in .qmo and I need .obj to open them in blender

ahhhh, right… surely this community has an .qmo :arrow_right: .obj conversion process/tool? does qubicle have this baked in, perhaps?

qmo is Qubicle’s proprietary format that is the only format available in trial edition. All versions above the Stonehearth version allow exports to .obj and the community has made several qb->obj converters. There’s no public qmo->obj converter because that would be a bit in the grey area.

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I’ve never used Blender or 3DS, but I have done a lot of work with Daz in the past. Does anyone know if it’s possible to export Stonehearth voxel people in a format that Daz could import and be able to manipulate the joints?

We should simply ask @voxel_pirate if he can transfer is .qmo files into .obj files.

StoneVox can export.Obj files, you can go to have a look,

I already download stonevox, zoxel and magix voxel and I was not able to do someting I am not really good in voxel construction.

You are very good at making animation?? If so, I can give you some completed pixel model, you can play your imagination, making creative animation, can you? (give me a little time, I will put the model to you)

Here are some basic game model file, you can first try, I will make some interesting model for you, give me a little time.

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Thank you very much you won’t be disapointed.