First Content Model tutorials?

It’s been mentioned in another thread that your models are done with Qubicle Constructor.
How do you prepare (skin/rig) your models after modeling? Do you take the models into another tool to skin/rig it or is this somehow all done in Qubicle?

…as you can tell, can’t wait to get my hand on a first rough description of how the models need to be prepared for the Stonehearth engine.

Thanks a lot in advance for any information on this! :smile:


This was their reply to a question on the kickstarter page, does it help you at all?

“We use Qubicle for all the voxel art. Stonehearth comsumes .qb files natively and our resource file format is just JSON, so it’s really easy to get new art assets into the game. We’re using 3DSMax for rigging and animation, but the animation file format is, again, just JSON. I think it would be easy to write an export plugin for any modeling tool.”

Making models with voxels is not overly complicated, and I am sure even if you could not find tutorials for the tools in question, which you most likely could, you could probably adapt tutorials for other software/games.

Thanks guys! Geoffers answer covers exactly what I was asking about. I must have missed that post!

It’s cool, it was buried in the comments on the Kickstarter page, I’ll add it to the Q & A!

So I guess we can at least start to model (and Stonehearth-independently Rig/Animate)…until the exact syntax of the resource files is published. Then we can get our content (animations) into the required format.

I should imagine so, I mean there’s no harm in playing around with the software - it’s all experience!

Theoretically, you could begin your mods now, given that you buy quibicle (the free version is very limited in features, nearly everything creates a pop up asking you to buy the full version).