[Idea] Possible kind of modeling help topic?

So I’ve tried getting qubicle or whatever it is called before via free demo and tried experimenting with it but I’m unable to find out how to actually work the program to generate things. My idea is possibly making a topic(started by someone fluent in qubicle) that would take on non-qubicle based voxel art and make it with qubicle~ This would be a cool idea for people who want to mod but do not understand qubicle or other things such as placement etc…

[Voxel Model Maker][2]
[1]: CWME - Cube World Model Editor : World Editors : Cube World Mods
[2]: Voxel Model Maker. Model Editor. : World Editors : Cube World Mods

These are two programs that I,myself, are familiar with using to create voxel based things.(Yes, boo cubeworld, abandoned project) but qubicle just doesnt seem like a program I would be able to understand.

hey there @TheDerpySupport,

i just changed the category to modeling rather then modding as this (as far as i can tell) is actually about modelling not modding :smile:

on the topic, whats the advantage of having the models made in other programs being recreated in qubicle?

sorry if its obvious… i’m just slow tired :wink:

also, cube worldss not actually abandoned… but thats a whole other story, which would need its own thread to explain…

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Well…Thats what I meant…unexperienced users could make a model in another program and then the experienced user could recreate that model in qubicle so it could be used in stonehearth.

a model doesnt have to be made in qubicle in order to be usable for stonehearth :wink: it just has to be exported as a .qb file, which quite a few voxel modelling programs have the option to do.

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Can you name a few that are free and not a trial?

currently im using magicavoxel its a very easy to use and easy to learn program, its one limitation though is that you cant make multiple matrices, thus you cant make anything that requires animations.

another one is voxel shop, though im not certain how good that one is, as i’ve only used it once or twice.

i cant think of any others at the moment.

Alright, I’ll check out Magicavoxel tomorrow~ Hopefully it’ll be as easy to use as one of the programs above lol (clicking to place and remove voxels etc…)

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yep, there are a few basic tools such as those, nothing to over the top, and nothing to confuse my tiny 8-bit crab brain :laughing: