Is Qubicle necessary to make stonehearth voxel models?

Hi there, i would like to try making some mods but i need voxel models…
I see that everyone uqe Qubicle but i don’t want to spend some money for a simple game mod.
Do I need absolutely to use Qubicle?
If not, is there free voxel makers software?

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Here take a look at this thread :slight_smile:


Just as @Fornjotr suggests, there is VoxelShop. Seems to be a sweet, free software.

Personally, I use MagicaVoxel instead. It’s just another free software - don’t think it has any advantages over VoxelShop; I just happened to try MagicaVoxel first and got used to the feel of it.

However, MagicaVoxel does not handle Matrices (think Layers in PhotoShop etc) within one model; this aparently makes it a hassle when it comes to animations. (I am yet to try animating models myself)
I’m not sure if VoxelShop handles Matrices or not - I’ve read that people who use VoxelShop sometimes turn to StoneVoxel (I fail to find a website for this software) when they need to animate something.

I am 100% sure that Qubicle handles Matrices. Simply wanted to provide you this information.
Best of luck and have fun with your voxel models, @Killex!


Hello! Author of VoxelShop here.

VoxelShop does provide matrices, and I am still working on improving the program for stonehearth. Expect more updates soon. If you have any questions please ask in the linked thread.