Modeling Without Buying Qubicle?

I’m not sure if this question has already been asked, but when StoneHearth comes out, are we who want to mod the game going to have to purchase Qubicle, or are they going to supply something for us? I guess I could buy Qubicle, but if I don’t have to, I’d rather not.

The short answer to your question is that something is in the works between the Minddesk team, and Radiant. We will have to wait and see what happens!


As an alternative - there are many stonehearth mod/design contests with the winning prize being a home edition of Qubicle. Download the free version, and maybe you’ll win. At a minimum, you get the whole try it before you buy and and make sure you have the time, inclination and energy to do all the work required for modeling.

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good point! have a go @stephenmr424… good luck! :smiley:

And as an alternative you do not have to use Qubicle. What you need is a tool which can create .obj-files (to my understanding). Qubicle is great as it makes this work pretty easy… but it is not the only one and there are free tools out there.

I am facing the same program. -___-

I’m quite sure that Qubicle is the only voxel editor that is supported (so far). The game don’t load an .obj-file. It loads a .qb-file and makes its own mesh from that. The .obj-file is just used when exporting the model to other editors to animate them. At least this is how I understood it.
Of course the devs might add support for other file formates and editors eventually, or even make their own, but until then Qubicle is the way to go.

Thanks guys, didn’t expect so much feedback so quickly! I did get the free version of Qubicle, and so far…
well all I’ve made is a wood block, but I’m sure I’ll get the hang of it soon enough! Thx

The problem is, the “Gamer” version of Quibicle is $20, and I do not want to spend my hard earned cash just because I want to make a model of a sword!

I know I feel the same way.

edit: Ok guys, here’s another thing, I went ahead and made some cool models, but I can’t export them so that I can upload them onto a forum page, unless I don’t have to export to OBJ type and I was wrong.

You only have to export to .obj to aniumate. If you want to post them, just click the “render” option in the top toolbar, and choose “render as” to render as either a turntable .gif or a stationary image.

Maybe they`ll make ‘Stonehearth edition’.
Like ‘Qubicle Unite’(Unity3D plugin) they are selling.

Thankfully, for all intents and purposes, the free version will cover everything you need for basic construction pre-system release. Given most everything will have to be reworked on release, it’s not too objectional to wait and simply enjoy the construction process now.

Things like animation will probably require a lot of re-working when general precedence is set in game

@tim and team radiant are working towards a mutually beneficial solution to this request… we’ll have to wait and see what develops… :smiley:

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Thx now I’ll be able to post my stuff! Look around 4 my models page! (:

@stephenmr424 or i can click on your name to find it :stuck_out_tongue:

laziness=time effective

I hope Tom & Tony create a free voxel modeler for us to use, or could set up an agreement with Minddesk and see if they would create an edition of Quibicle for us.

not going to happen… :tongue:

precisely what they have been working with @Tim to figure out… :smiley: