What program is used to make the models?


I would love to get a headstart on making models and such and would like to know which program is being used to make the character models. Thanks!


I was under the impression that the model editor was built into the game, but I could be wrong.


Thanks for the info, I will try and find out if it is built-in!


Actually the models are currently made with Qubicle. I believe Stonehearth will ship with all the model editors you need to create your own content, but if you wanted a head start, check out Qubicle.


Thanks for telling me! I will check it out.


Is that the free version of Qubicle or the $25 version?


I’m assuming the $25 version, I think I’ll be waiting to see if the devs will add their own monster creator version or not.

Qubicle does look just like what was in their kickstarter video =P Good share :smiley:


I’m using the free version of Qubicle and it is great! I’ve made about ten models, and it is super easy to use, and looks to have a high skill cap!


To be able to export you model to obj for animation from qc you need to have the master version for 40$ non commercial or 80$ for commercial use, but they are trying to make some deal for Stonehearth, but try out the free version first.